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What to Know About the Mizani AirCut Method of Trimming Textured Tresses

When it comes to cutting textured hair, it can be challenging, but there isn’t just one way around it. The Mizani AirCut, for example, is newly popular way to make it happen.

Tippi Shorter, the Global Artistic Director for Mizani, is hosting MasterClasses throughout 2021 all over the country to guide professionals through this innovative method that she created herself. Mizani, which just released its Style Shifter Society Collection, is a growing leader in the textured haircare space.

We reached out to Shorter for more intel on the chop that contrasts the traditional “texturizing haircut.” This technique isn’t freeform curl-cutting. Keep reading for the key points to know about the Mizani AirCut—and for even more info, click HERE.

curly textured hair girl smiles wearing a hoodie
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The Mizani AirCut Definition

“Mizani AirCut is a systematic approach to cutting waves curls and coils based on the challenges each texture type has naturally,” Shorter tells Mane. Addicts. “The benefit is each client truly gets a customized cut and neat part is that you can recreate it every time.”

How the Mizani AirCut Was Developed

Five years in the making, Shorter says she’s “worked on developing this method to make sure it’s sustainable, re-creatable and easy to teach. Having a technical foundation was important to me as a stylist.” 

How the Mizani AirCut Differs From Traditional Textured Haircuts

“I’ve trained under many top texture cutters over the past 25 years, a few are very popular techniques that are known by name. These cuts are one time cuts and very hard to not only recreate but you can’t wear these cuts straight. AirCut takes away the fear of texture because of the systematic and technical approach.”

For more curly hair content, HERE are five rules for giving a proper textured haircut—according to an expert.

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