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The 15 Best Mane Moments From Instagram This Week

Best Celebrity Hair Luma Grothe big curls Ali Collier Lea Seydoux short bob short hair inspo Ashley Tisdale hair extensions priscilla values kirstin ess sofia richie ellie fanning met gala beauty high ponytail long ponytail olivia culpo sleek topknot shay mitchell cosmopolitan voluminous hair ciara cesar ramirez romee strijd bebe rexha natasha poly amandla stenberg lelet ny hair accessories big afro jasmine tookes polished topknot brian buenaventura margot robbie mara roszak

From Amandla Stenberg’s hair-accessory-heavenly look to Olivia Culpo’s razor-sharp topknot and Ciara’s Met Gala killer chrome ‘do—the crème de la crème of manes this week wowed us to no end. See what all the hype’s about, below.


Messy topknot margot robbie mara roszak oyster magazine topknot inspo blonde hair color ideas

Mara Roszak made a messy-chic topknot out of the the Aussie beauty’s blonde locks for Oyster Magazine



Sofia Richie met gala 2016 brian buenaventura blonde hair inspo big curls dark roots met gala beauty met ball beauty best hair and makeup

Brian Buenaventura catered real good to Sofia’s Met Ball beauty with these mermaid waves.



big curls luma grothe boreal hair shiny brown hair

Beautiful brown locks flyin’ high, Luma knows how we feel.



rosy blonde hair ashley tisdale 901 salon riawna capri priscilla valles hair extensions long hair summer hair color ideas

Yes, girl, yes, Ashley knows how to keep things fresh—she just ditched her old ‘do for a peachy rose with the help of Kristin Ess and Mane University Educator Priscilla Valles.



Ciara Met Gala cesar ramirez silver hair finger waves short hair inspo red carpet hair

César Ramirez had us oohing for hours over Ciara’s killer chome Met Gala look.



topknot topknot inspo bebe rexha matt fugate platinum blonde hair

Bebe giving good It girl-meets-baddie in a topknot primped by Matt Fugate.



topknot inspo olivia cult andrew fitzsimons high bun topknot ideas slicked back hair met gala 2016




















So chic, so sleek—Andrew Fitzsimons gave Olivia the topknot of the damn week on Met Gala Monday.



Lea Seydoux Elle UK short hair inspo bob inspo blonde hair color ideas wavy bob

Babe in blunt-bob alert! We adore the French starlet’s caramel-blonde hair for her Elle UK Magazine cover. 



sleek topknot jasmine tookes victorias secret model off duty model hair topknot inspo polished topknot

Mad props to Jasmine—this flyaway-free bun was primped by the VS angel herself.



half up hair mattison perron ali collier blonde hair color braids it girl hair off duty model hair topknot inspo half up half down hair

Ali’s half-up hair by Mattison Perron is straight out of a festival fairytale.



Shay Mitchell Cosmopolitan Cover mark townsend bombshell hair cover girl hair voluminous hair brown hair color ideas

Mark Townsend gave Slay Mitchell glossy-glam curls for her Cosmo cover.



 ig curls natasha poly loreal hair golden blonde hair inspo

Flaunt red carpet-ready curls like Natasha’s with our how-to.



high ponytail romee strijd met gala danielle priano

Danielle Priano took Romee’s tresses way up. Click here for our high ponytail step-by-step.



Amandla Sternberg Met Gala natural hair inspo hair accessories gold hair jewelry curly hair afro met gala beauty lacy redway  

Hair accessory-heaven is Amandla’s Met Ball afro, touched by Lacy Redway.

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