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The 15 Best Mane Moments From Instagram This Week

best celebrity hair amanda steele wet hairstyles nadia lee cohen peach color hair fun color hair ideas pastel color hair rainbow hair colors unicorn hair pastel pink hair pyper america smith zoe london dj double dutch braids pigtail braids purple hair braid hairstyles kate bosworth blonde hair color ideas cara delevingne side braid cornrow hairstyles bella hadid french braids double dutch braids nina agdal beach waves texturized waves wavy hairstyles long hairstyles summer hair ideas summer hair inspiration beach hairstyles emily rose hannon updo ideas messy bun bun ideas cute buns stella maxwell half up hairstyles blonde hair color ideas half down hairstyles sabrina carpenter long haircut sarah ellen short hairstyles bob hairstyles lob hairstyles short hair ideas short hair inspiration short hairdos josephine skriver updos chloe norgaard blue hair fun hair colors anne v windswept waves messy hairstyles chic hairstyles wispy bangs bang hairstyles choosing the perfect bangs fringe

Summer solstice isn’t officially here yet, but this week’s best mane moments have us feeling otherwise. From salt-licked and sun-kissed à la Nina Agdal to Nadia Lee’s peachy-keen crunk and Stella Maxwell’s half-up—the hairstyles heating up our love hair life are lit. Here, the squad who helped kick off our summer.


bang hairstyles bang for face shape messy bangs long hairstyles anne v

Disheveled or die—Anne’s long bangs and wisps are giving us Harvard hottie vibes.



messy bun bun ideas bun inspiration emily rose hannon blonde hair color ideas icy blonde hair topknot ideas updo hair ideas updo hairstyles beach hairstyles summer hairstyles

Imperfectly perfect buns like this make us weak in the knees.



double dutch braids braid hairstyles purple hair fun hair color ideas summer hairstyles pigtail braids

Just when we had become blasé over braids, the London-based DJ/blogger came through. 



wavy hair ideas kate bosworth blonde hair blonde hair color ideas bedhead messy waves effortless wave hairstyles

Bedhead, nom. Donut, nom.



topknot hairstyles updo hairstyles bun hairstyles josephine striver victoria's secret model hair

Messy topknots and IG-worthy selfies, yasss, two things our summer will be full of.



pink hair color ideas pyper america pyper america smith lucky smith sister pink hair bedhead messy waves

We’ve been catching feelings for gem tone hair, but dang, Pyper makes us think we’ll never be over pastels.



half up hairstyle blonde hair color ideas stella maxwell danielle priano blonde hair braided hairstyles braids summer hairstyles

Danielle Priano just blessed us with our ’16 signature summer hairstyle, omfg.



double dutch braids braid hairstyles bella Hamid the weeknd braids pigtail braids

All-black and braided-up with her baby by her side, Bella’s looking like a bonafide badass.



blonde hair color ideas sabrina carpenter long hairstyles summer hair color ideas

This long-locked lovely will always be a Mane Addicts muse.



blue hair fun hair color ideas chloe norgaard blue hair color

Troll doll tresses, turn down for what.



braid ideas braid hairstyles cara delevingne

A baby cornrow for butt naked Cara.



brown hair color ideas amanda steele brunette wet hair sun hair tips

Brunette Amanda or blonde Amanda? Babe—both ways. 



peach hair color blonde hair color ideas nadia lee cohen curly hairstyles soft hair golden blonde hair fun hair color ideas summer hair color ideas

Nadia’s mane on some peachy keen crunk.



short hairstyles sarah ellen short hair ideas bob ideas lob ideas bob hairstyles lob hairstyles summer haircut ideas haircut inspiration

We’re not bouncing from our next salon appt. until our stylist gives us this Aussie dime’s exact bob.



beach waves hairstyle beachy texture texturized waves wavy hair messy waves wet hair look sports illustrated models nina agdal sports illustrated summer hairstyles summer hair inspiration

The surefire way to make your beach day Snap-worthy? Sun-kissed and salt-licked strands.

Bad hair day? As if. Make it a #badasshairday.

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