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model moments collage 9-13 In the midst of Fashion Week, it’s easy to forget that life exists outside of NYC. If you missed any of this week’s most memorable mane moments, fear not! We’ve got you covered. Scroll below for our favorite loose bombshell curls, bedhead waves, and a rose-colored mane we’ve totally been dreaming about!

  ASHLEY BENSON ashley benson beach waves The PLL actress has been posting snap after snap of the most amazing waves and festive island hairstyles, thanks to Mane Master Jillian Halouska. Decked out with hair wraps, beads and braids, Ashley shows off the ultimate festival mane.   KEKE PALMER keke palmer curls With diva swagger for days, we dig the drama and sheer volume of Keke’s manespirational curls!   POPPY DELEVINGNE poppy delevingne pastel pink hair Poppy joins Mane Muse Kaley Cuoco and sister Cara on the pastel pink bandwagon, transforming her tresses with a retro rose gold hue that we can’t get enough of!   MADONNA madonna 90s hair queen The ageless goddess of pop has a major throwback #manemoment by playing with volume and texture created by Mane Master Andy Lecompte.   JOSEPHINE SKRIVER josephine skriver bouncy curls We are loving Josephine’s soft flirty waves and face-framing layers courtesy of Mane Master Ben Skervin.   CANDICE SWANEPOEL candice swanepoel tousled waves VS Angel Candice is the definition of sultry windswept waves! To save you from feeling any hair envy, the master behind the mane, Harry Josh, teaches you how to create this look at home!   SOFIA VERGARA  sofia vergara brunette bombshell We want that coffee ALMOST as much as we want Sofia’s bombshell brunette mane.   ELSA HOSK elsa hosk blonde bedhead The bedhead waves we all dream of waking up with! To complete this look at home, simply master the art of the LA Bend!   GWEN STEFANI gwen stefani purple streak The queen of cool posted this pic before heading onstage for Riot Fest in Chicago. Iconic stylist and Mane Master Danilo kills it with Gwen’s platinum strands and an edgy pop of punky purple and black.   EMILY DIDONATO emily didonato beachy wave This brunette beauty is slaying these stunning bombshell waves by editorial stylist Tamas Tuzes.   HAILEY BALDWIN hailey baldwin blonde bangs Styled by Mane Master Nicole Blaise, Hailey is rocking bold piecey bangs we’ve been seeing everywhere lately. Here’s how to recreate this sleek, edgy look at home!   ZENDAYA zendaya wavy brunette The rising star’s wavy mane and vampy pout are on point for Fall.   MARTHA HUNT martha hunt bombshell curls Mane Moment alert! Martha exudes glamour in this shot with perfect dreamgirl curls by the hair god himself, Harry Josh.  


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