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model mane moments

Tousled waves and beachy texture totally DOMINATED celeb style this week. While effortless, bedhead manes seemingly never go out of style, scroll below for our fave mane moments complete with hair how-to’s, so you can easily recreate these on-trend and chic hairstyles…



Madonna shows off edgy, dark roots paired with her perfect, signature blonde shade courtesy of celebrity colorist Danny Moon. Styled by her mane man, Andy Lecompte, the queen of pop flaunts her MAJOR mane with this killer selfie.


LUCY HALELucy Hale wavy bob

The PLL actress has perfected the tousled, textured lob of our dreams thanks to Mane Master Kristin Ess.


KYLIE JENNERKylie Jenner Green Hair

Hardly a stranger to jaw-dropping mane makeovers, (who could forget her wiggy birthday shoot or her icy blue hue?!) Kylie celebrated the launch of her internet-breaking lip kit in the only way she knows how, with the most chic, emerald lob we’ve ever seen!!


ELSA HOSKElsa Hosk tousled waves

The VS Angel snapped a pic on-set showing off her sultry bedhead waves. Click here to recreate her effortless, beachy texture!


LILY ALDRIDGELily Aldridge braided updo

The supermodel looks so sophisticated and elegant with a feminine halo braid by celeb stylist Jennifer Yepez. To steal Lily’s look, check out our hair tutorial by the master behind the mane moment!


CIARACiara beach waves

On a night out in Hong Kong, the songstress shows off her signature, natural waves with this to-die-for sparkly holiday dress.


NEGIN MIRSALEHINegin Mirsalehi sleek strands

The beautiful blogger shows off her trademark brunette tresses with a chic chapeau.


CHRISSY TEIGENChrissy Teigen topknot

Everyone’s favorite supermodel hangs with her furry friends and gives us some major topknot manespiration.


JULIANNE HOUGHJulianne Hough wavy lob

Julianne takes a silly selfie to show off her serious waves.


BELLA HADIDBella Hadid Chanel

Bella makes her Chanel debut in Rome with an edgy, Bardot bouffant by Mane Master Sam McKnight. To style the perfect mod mane, just click here!


ASHLEY BENSONAshley Benson boho waves

Ashley gives us major hair envy with textured, bedhead waves in her artsy Insta photo.


WHITNEY PORTWhitney Port floral bridal bun

The former reality star shows off potential bridal hairstyles with the help of celeb stylist Kylee Heath.


SARAH HYLANDSarah Hyland sleek bangs

The Modern Family star posts a gorgeous #TBT with long locks and sexy, face-framing fringe.


What a week!! What was your fave #manemoment?!

Sound off in the comments below…

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