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HOW-TO: The Modern Crimp by Ward Stegerhoek

How to Modern Crimp, Hana Jirickova

Fashion editorials are one of the best places to look for hair inspiration. They are designed to portray a theme or idea instead of for glam so, from a styling perspective, they almost always have more edge.

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Case in point; this modern crimp on Czechoslovakian stunner and Kate Moss look-alike Hana Jirickova for ZOO Magazine. This style is everything you could want in a summer hairstyle (volume, texture, convenience), and low-key brings back crimping (!!!). Not surprisingly, the master behind this mane is editorial and runway powerhouse, Ward Stegerhoek, who also happens to be the founder of Living Proof .
Model, Crimped, How-to

To get the look, “I braided all of Hana’s hair into 10 braids with Living Proof’s Styling Blowout Spray then heated them up with both a blow dryer and straightening iron.” says Ward.

“Then, I took the braids out without any combing or brushing, just fingers, and finished the look with Living Proof’s Instant Texture Mist.”

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Will you be wearing a crimp this summer?! Let us know if you think the popular 80’s style is coming back in the comments below.

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