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MANESPIRATION: Celeb Moms to Dye For

If there’s one way to prove your “cool” mom status, it’s breaking the hair rules of motherhood and embracing the world of color. Stylish celebrity moms from TV, film and music are transforming their tresses, opting for fun, creative colors. Most recently, Busy Philipps, star of TV’s Cougar Town and mother to two daughters, revealed a bright blue color at the ends of her blonde hair.

Philipps’ color addition follows in the footsteps of several others this year. Hilary Duff, who has a son, made headlines when she showed off a full turquoise makeover back in March, then transformed her mermaid locks into silver strands. Mad Men actress January Jones, mother of one, has frequently experimented with pink hair while British singer and mother of two Lily Allen, a long-time fan of creative color, celebrated her recent milestone 30th birthday with a neon watermelon-inspired look.

Pravana Chromasilk Vivids

Creative color is a great way to liven up your look without extensive daily maintenance. Many moms don’t have the luxury of time each morning to do a full-face of makeup or for intricate hair routines, but with a gorgeous color on a busy mom, it adds a pop to your every day routine. To extend your wear and keep the color vibrant, check out our story on maintaining pastel hues, or use PRAVANA VIVIDS Color Protect after care, which includes a shampoo, conditioner and Sealing Spray. When it comes to the initial color selection, if you’re hesitant, start slowly with pastels, this spring’s hottest color trend, like Hilary and January. These colors can be done as brightly or as muted as you prefer and they fade beautifully over time. If you’re not afraid of bold shades, like Lily or Busy, PRAVANA VIVIDS long-lasting and highly pigmented hair colors come in brights ranging from NEONS to blue, green, hot pink, violet and more. These can be combined to create your ideal color, so discuss with your colorist, who can best assess what works with your hair type, skin tone and maintenance plan. Regardless of age, gender, mom of five, one or none, when it comes to creative color, feel free to express yourself however you choose. 

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