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This New Keratin-Infused Shampoo Is Made With Essential Oils Catered to Your Hair Type

I’m not sure if keratin-infused haircare is a widely known thing, but I’m the first to admit that I hadn’t heard of any particular products prior.

Before I get into the line of the moment, let me say that I live for keratin treatments. I have naturally big, coarse, curly, unruly hair, and prior to getting my first keratin in 2014, there was really no taming the mane. Therefore, when a rep for Mon Shampoing—a personalized French haircare line—reached out to me about testing some of their products, I was immediately intrigued.

She sent me a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in spray/detangler, and brush (but more on that below). Keep reading for my honest review of the set.

The Products

Mon Shampoing is unique in that on top of containing keratin, the remaining contents are specially made for your hair type. There are six essential oil combinations offered, depending on the state of your mane.

There’s a combo for oily hair (mint, rosemary, and jojoba), colored hair (orange, ylang ylang, and Limnathes alba), fine/soft hair (orange blossom, sage, and grape seed), dry/curly hair (lavender, geranium, and argan), delicate hair (lemon, lemongrass, and sweet almond) and blond/golden brown hair (jasmine, chamomile, and coconut). It doesn’t take a genius to figure out I selected the dry/curly hair combo.

My beautifully packaged collection arrived with a full-sized shampoo (SLS, paraben, and silicone-free—$28), conditioner (paraben and silicone-free—$29), and nourishing/detangling leave-in hair mask ($48). It also came with a handy brush ($25) and separate essential oil-filled shampoo and conditioner boosters ($14 each).

The Experience

The shampoo and conditioner were incredibly easy to mix with the potent-scented boosters. Once I gave the combined bottles a good shake, to the shower I went.

I gave myself a two-time shampoo rinse as I often do when I haven’t washed my hair in a week. When it comes to conditioner, I have to be careful because it weighs down my hair easily. I put a dab on my ends and held off on the leave-in for the time being.

After my final rinse, my hair felt incredible. It was soft and silky and looked great in the mirror. Once it air-dried, however, it felt a little oilier. I was able to flat iron, but it didn’t stay straight as long as it usually does.

That said, I don’t blame the product necessarily. It’s important to note that I received a keratin treatment in February, so the formula is still very much in my hair. Doing the double-wash probably wasn’t the wisest idea with this particular product. And I should have avoided the conditioner altogether. Even going back to when I got my last keratin, my first few shampoos with normally effective products weighed down my mane and it took about four washes to finally get in the right groove.

Moving forward, I want to try the product again, only using the shampoo. Or, do a double-wash and wear my hair au naturel with waves. It’s only when I apply heat that I notice it feels oily and weighed down.

Bottom Line

I really like the concept of this line—a personalized kit for our hair type is just what everyone needs, as shampoos and conditioners aren’t a one-size-fits-all type of situation.

What I’d advise, however, is giving this a go if you don’t have previously keratin-treated hair. It clearly has the right contents to de-frizz and silken the strands, but if you already have a treatment, this could end up being too much. If you do want to try it regardless, go very light on the shampoo and skip the conditioners.

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