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9 Celebs Who Got Money Piece Highlights Right

Money piece highlights are exactly what they sound like – these face framing sections elevate your money maker (your face). And you don’t even have to sit in a chair for hours waiting for the perfect, barely-there ombre. These highlights cut straight to the chase! Money pieces are a redo of the early aughts/late 90s look, with Ginger Spice as the trend’s original poster child.  The look has re-emerged for good reason two decades on – it’s a low stakes way to change your color, be on trend and save on highlighter cost – did we mention we love it?! Here’s how our favorite celebs make money piece moves.


Queen Bey still reigns, y’all. She’s transitioned her signature sunshine-bringing locs so they’re darkened to let her money piece strands command the ample attention they deserve. Her hair is basically screaming, show me the money! I am the money!




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Kylie Jenner

Kylie rocks chunky mp’s that are flawless but we bet you could recreate it with clip-ins. Take notes from the youngest Kardashian-Jenner, if you’re scared to take the plunge, there’s nothing better than zero risk and always fun experimentation.



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Khloe Kardashian

Khlo-money may have retired her blonde but she’s clearly not ready to totally say goodbye either. Enter, another great way mp’s can be put to use – a slow farewell to a color your still at least semi-attached to. Andrew Fitzsimons works his magic to make the style a 10/10.


Zonnique Jailee

The caption “literally a highlighter” says it all. Every part of Zonnique Jailee is glowy, from her neon fit to her braided, bold, money piece braids.



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Bella Hadid I

Bella Hadid rocks the heck out of this red – and once again proves there’s no excuse not to experiment with the curtains of your hair.


Bella Hadid II

Bella’s graduated fire trend hits different because money pieces.



Leave it to the queen of the 00s to influence the mp trend the second time around like only she can. Tell us your secrets, JLo!

Dua Lipa

Is this the moment money piece hair went from Ginger Spice costume staple to decade-defining trend? Dua Lipa has us convinced she started it all, and we’re not mad about it.

Halston Sage

Subtle but still doing the work, money piece highlights are pictured here, easy like a Sunday morning. They manage to pop despite an enviable blend on Halston Sage by stylist Bridget Brager.


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