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9 Hair Hacks That Will Save You Time in the Morning

After a relaxing summer, the last thing anyone wants to do is wake up super early before school or work to tame their manes. So lucky for you, we’ve come up with a list of morning hair hacks that will let you sleep in later without sacrificing great hair. From quick drying tools to style extending products, we’ve listed everything you need to know about how to style your hair faster this back to school season.

Keep reading to find out the nine morning hair hacks to use so you can be the best tressed, most well-rested person at your school this year.

morning hair hacks
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When you are in between washes, using a shower cap like Dry Divas Shower Cap is the only way to be guarantee that your locks stay dry in the shower. The laminated cap keeps moisture out but has enough space so that hair doesn’t get a kink.

dry divas shower cap
(via Dry Divas)


Perhaps the most popular morning hair hack, dry shampoo is key to preserving styled locks and saving you time spent on your hair each morning. Using a dry shampoo like Kérastase’s Powder Bluff will add texture and absorb oils without leaving a white residue behind.

kerastase dry shampoo
(via Kérastase)



Not only are microfiber hair towels better for your hair than traditional bath towels, but the soft, plush towels also absorb wetness a lot faster. For the mornings that you do have to wash your hair, hopping out of the shower and wrapping your tresses up in one of Devacurl’s DevaTowels will guarantee a much shorter getting ready time. Just wrap your hair up while you do your makeup or pick out your outfit and your hair will be significantly drier when you take the towel off. The towels also provide extra curl definition for the natural curly girls out there and helps to eliminate frizz, as well.

DevaCurl microfiber DevaTowel
(via DevaCurl)



Using a hair oil like Shu Uemura’s Straightforward Time-Saving Blow Dry Oil Spray will protect and nourish the hair and make it dry up to 2x faster. The oil spray should be applied to the shaft of damp hair prior to blow drying for best, quickest results. The outcome is a super sleek, frizz-free mane.

quick dry hair oil
(via Shu Uemura)


All you have to do is apply Living Proof’s Prime Style Extender to damp hair and comb through prior to styling to ensure a long lasting ‘do. This cream hair primer guarantees to make your styled hair last longer so you don’t have to spend all of that extra time touching up your hair each morning before school. The primer is suitable for all hair types and can be used with or without heat tools. The best part? It also repels against dirt and oil, so it not only protects and extends but keeps your hair clean for longer.

living proof hair primer
(via Living Proof)


Ouai’s Memory Mist is a priming spray that uses memory polymer technology to prime hair and lock in any style between shampoos. The Memory Mist not only locks in styles but protects against heat damage as well, ultimately reducing damage and saving time on re-styling and retouching for a major time-saving morning hair hack.


ouai memory mist
(via Ouai)


For the mornings that you are forced to wash your hair having a quick drying blow dryer on hand is major. NuMe’s Signature Hair Dryer uses ionic technology to quickly but safely break down water molecules to dry the hair faster. The dryer’s ceramic grill releases non-damaging heat so hair is dried gently, adding extra protection and shine. The dryer is lightweight so it’s easy to hold and use and comes in black, teal and hot pink to add a fun pop of color to your vanity.


fast drying blow dryer
(via NuMe)


Aside from fast-acting hair products, the key to getting ready faster in the morning time is organization. GLAMboxes created their expandable GLAMboard that you can organize your beauty products on prior to getting ready. The lucite tray has different sections that you can store your makeup and hair products on so they are easy to find when you’re in a rush. The board can be placed on your vanity and then easily carried to your bathroom when you’re ready to do your hair and makeup.

beauty product organizer
(via Glambox)


If you’ve never worn a silk hair wrap to bed, you’re definitely missing out on a key step in preserving your hair style. Silke London’s hair wraps are cute and stylish but conditioned to protect your hair from sweat, oil and getting tangled and frizzy while you sleep.

silk hair wrap
(via Silke London)

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