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How to Create Off-Duty Las Vegas Showgirl Hair From the Moschino LA Show

As the fashion devout have come to expect, the scene at yesterday’s debut of the Moschino men’s and women’s Resort collection in LA was a vision of brights colors, neon lights, metallic leather, and A-list models and celebrities. The collection, by Moschino’s fabulous creative director Jeremy Scott and his team, was an in-your-face ode to Las Vegas – feathered headdresses, bunny ears and flame-embroidered cowboy boots included.

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Obviously, with each girl have such a different look, there is no set step-by-step. Still, Moodie was quick to show us the products he was using on most of the models. “When using the products, we’re focused on enhancing the texture just slightly to get that touch of glam. For every girl we’re putting on the Windle & Moodie Foundation Spray –  a detangling spray that evens everything out and is a great base product. From there, we’re layering the styling products slightly depending on the style. For the girls with smooth hair we’re using the Windle & Moodie Smooth and Shine Oil and for girls with texture, we’re using the Windle & Moodie Invisible Day and Night Cream which is a very light moisturizer that creates piecey-ness without looking like too much product.”

Neil Moodie Moschino Resort 2018 hair las vegas showgirl

Before the show, and as Elvis’s “Viva Las Vegas” thumped from the stage, we caught up with lead stylist and mane master, Neil Moodie, to discuss his direction and inspiration for the hair. He said, “our idea for the hair is off duty Las Vegas showgirl. She’s either pre-show or post-show, it’s not the same thing on every girl. At rehearsals we tried a lot of different things out but we decided that the girls look great as they are so we’re kinda just bringing out the textures that they already have and just doing better versions of that. There’s also some big bunny ears, hats, accessories and headdresses so we have to work around those as well. We have to look at each girl separately and decide what she needs. It’s not one look.”

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Then, when asked about how being in LA affects the vibe and look of the show he said, “lately we’re finding that the models are all very different and cool so we wanted to use that and just enhance their natural styles a bit, add a touch of glamour. It’s like, you can be whoever you wanna be and look however you wanna look and I kinda love it because that’s how the world is, you know? Then the clothes, the collection is what brings it all together, not as much the same hair and makeup look on every girl like in the past.”

For more, follow Neil Moodie, and don’t forget to shop the products from the Moschino Resort 2018 show!

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