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5 Surprising Items That Are Always Stolen From Top Stylists’ Kits!

Working the fashion week circuit from New York to Paris, primping top supermodels like Gigi Hadid and bouncing around backstage at all the best fashion shows… the life of a lead hairstylist sounds quite glamorous, right?

But, one thing that isn’t so glamorous? The case of sticky fingers that seems to happen throughout fashion week and beyond. Many hairstylists can relate to their most beloved (and sometimes, most expensive!) items mysteriously going missing time and time again. So, we asked the world’s top editorial and backstage hairstylists the items that routinely seem to disappear.

Mason Pearson

Ah, the mason pearson brush! Loved and owned by almost hairstylists, this nylon and boar bristle brush is a cult favorite, thanks to it’s super gentle detangling capabilities. It’s also the most stolen item out of both Allen Ruiz and Frank Rizzieri’s kits!

most stolen items in hairstylists' kits

(via Nordstrom)

Paddle Clips

Creaseless paddle clips are a backstage staple. So it’s no surprise they somehow always seem to go missing out of Global Oribe Amabassador James Pecis and Bumble and Bumble’s Laurent Phillipon’s stylings kits.

Paddle clips most stolen items in hairstylists' kit

Aveda Texture Tonic

Effortless, tousled texture never goes out of style. Which makes sense why Frank Rizzeri can’t seem to hang on to his Aveda Texture Tonic.

Aveda Texture Tonix Most Stolen Item in Hairstylists' KitsAveda Texture Tonix Most Stolen Item in Hairstylists' Kits

(via Nordstrom)

YS Park Tail Comb

Need to get a super straight part? The YS Park Tail Comb is a top hairstylist favorite. And according to Oribe’s Kien Hoang, it’s the most pocketed piece in his stash!

YS Park Tail Comb

(via YS Park)

Nalu Waver

Not only is Frank Rizzeri a backstage staple at fashion week, he also owns a handful of salons and created his own hot tools like with Kevin Ryan called RSession. One of his creations, the Nalu Waver, always seems to get lifted from his arsenal. At least he knows where he can get more!

Nalu Waver Frank Rizzieri

(via RSessions)


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