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NEED TO KNOW: Treat Mom At One Of These Salons This Mother’s Day Weekend

Okay real talk, Mane Addicts. As I’m sure you know, Mother’s Day is just a few short days away and if you’re anything like me, that means you’re STILL wracking your brain to find the perfect present for the most important woman in your life. The struggle is SO real!!!

This year, rather than getting her another candle she doesn’t need or some lame decorative soap, treat your mom to a much-needed day at the salon! Show your momma you appreciate her with some spa-inspired TLC and give her the most meaningful gift of all—quality time together! And the bonus? You get to partake in the pampering too 😉

For all our LA babes out there, check out these local hair hotspots and book your appointments now for a stress-free solution to your present problems.

And for those of you that live just a little too far from sunny CA, check out our other city guides here for some Mother’s Day salon inspo!


For any mom with a love for all-natural, organic ingredients (or a dry scalp), this cozy bungalow off Santa Monica Boulevard is the perfect place to celebrate Mother’s day and magnificent manes!

Ra_ Bar Beauty Salon

Specializing in custom-blended oil treatments that they cocktail specifically for your hair health, these raw, all natural ingredients work as a wonderful remedy for dry, lackluster locks. And If When your mom falls in love with these extraordinary oils, she can even take home a bottle of their bestselling treatment to use at home!



Make mom feel like a queen without breaking the bank! Whether her strands are in serious need of hydration or her color could use a little refresher, the dpHUE color bar is the destination for the two of you to visit.

dphue color bar

Nestled in the heart of Studio City on Ventura Boulevard, we love this locale because when you’re done getting pampered at the salon, you can spend the afternoon admiring your manes and shopping on the strip. It’s the ultimate date for your overworked mom to unwind!



Known for signature conditioning treatments like the shea butter mask and ginger rejuvenation, whether your mom’s mane searches for a cure to brittle, dry hair or the aches of everyday styling, a healthy dose of hair rehab is just what the doctor ordered!

kimble hair studio

With ten unique treatments created specifically to give your locks the TLC they need, let your mom’s inner diva shine at this Beyhive-approved hair haven. To earn extra credit, send your mom home with some sweet Kimble Beauty hair care!



If mom’s mane needs a bit of a cleanse, check out our remedy for lighter, brighter, softer hair with a detoxifying mud mask at this boutique salon in West Hollywood.

benjamin salon

In addition to the DETOX, they offer over 12 different treatments to choose from and rest assured, they use only the highest quality, natural cosmetics to aid your mane on the road to recovery. The sophisticated space is complete with a super-chic apothecary, which means mom can pick out a little something special to take home as a memento of your awesome day together!



Calling all our blonde moms! Though they may have more fun, this brilliant hue requires a little extra upkeep. Keep your mom stress (and streak) free by heading over to 901 for the ultimate flaxen hair fix.

nine zero one salon

Aptly named “The Malibu Treatment,” this platinum pick-me-up is perfect for hitting the reset button on any golden mane. Removing everything from chlorine and product build-up to unsavory stains that come from tinted conditioners and purple shampoos, this hair treat is an awesome way to show your mom you care for her and her right to be a gorgeous, blonde Barbie.

Can’t decide which treatment your mom will love?

Send her this link and let her decide for herself!!!!!! Happy Hairapy 🙂


If you aren’t an LA local, don’t forget to check out our other city guides

to find the perfect place to treat mommy dearest this year!

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