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HOW-TO: The Mother’s Day Mane

Spring has sprung and Mothers’ Day is approaching. This special day calls for a celebration of everything motherhood and womanhood. We know that you have probably already booked the afternoon tea, ordered the French macaroons, and picked up a dainty yet chic floral sundress, so leave your hair style up to us! Nothing says femininity like a subtle curl and a cascading wave swept aside with an ornate broche or hidden pin. Think Marilyn Monroe, think girly glamour, think your grandmother’s hair at her etiquette class in 1955.

New mom Jessica Biel showcases the style well, pinning her right side up and out of the way, while leaving the flowing tresses to fall past her shoulder. Framing the face in a tightly slicked back demeanor on her left, yet capturing a vivacious body of hair on her right.

New mother Hayden Panettiere sports the look flawlessly with her blonde hair pulled completely back on one side and waves barreling down. The waves start from her side swept bang at the top all the way to the ends.

Mila Kunis wore the style well at the Jupiter Ascending premiere post-pregnancy. Her deep chocolate hair hue provides the statement curls with distinct dimension and an edgy feel.

Blake embodies the side curl with a looser side wave and longer locks. Her mane is swept onto her shoulder and gently curled to get the volume and wave desired. Lively is known to embrace letting her hair down and primping it to give it a volumptuous, old Hollywood finish. Her hairstyling, Rod Ortega, recently gave her a braided version of the style.





  1. Blow-dry damp hair with a small amount of Moroccanoil serum.
  2. Create a deep set side part over the arch of one eyebrow.
  3. Wrap hair around the blow dryer barrel and blow dry while pulling out and under from the scalp to form maximum volume. In the meantime, you will begin curving the hair to create the under curl effect. Continue to blow dry the hair in this manner until completed.
  4. Wrap hair around the curling wand away from the face.
  5. Pull the uncurled side back with several pins.
  6. Spray entire head, with special attention to the side curls, using the Paul Mitchell “Hold Me Tight” Spray.


2 minutes

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