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There’s Something About Murumuru Butter

The creamy goodness of a moisturizing butter is the best of an oil and a lotion. Smooth and spreadable, this hybrid is one of our fave emollients and if your hair is feeling like an arid desert, it can cross you over into rainforest territory. One butter we can’t get enough of is murumuru. So, we wanted to tell you all about it. Get to know the butter below!

What Is Murumuru Butter?

We’re not dealing with just any butter. Aside from having a 10/10 name, murumuru hails from the murumuru palm tree, which is indigenous to the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. “The butter is derived from the dried, shelled seed of the murumuru palm tree by cold-pressing through a filtration process three times,” explains Rhonda Hanson, VP of Marketing for glowoasis.

Murumuru Butter Benefits

Murumuru has a myriad of benefits and checks boxes for both skin and hair. Tbh, we also want to eat it. It’s a shame we can’t.

Murumuru replaces frizz with shine and is ultra-hydrating. It’s naturally anti-inflammatory, and as such, helps seal in moisture, boost color, and keep on manes healthy. If your hair falls in the low porosity camp, murumuru butter is perfect for you. It’s full of omegas and all you need to define curls.

For anyone who has felt overpowered by butters, this one is actually pretty gentle. “Murumuru butter is a great alternative to shea butter. Each has similar benefits, but murumuru butter has a lighter texture and is fast-absorbing,” notes Rhonda. No need to worry about it weighing down your strands. Even those with thin or fine hair will see a difference after using this butter.

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