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Mushroom Blonde Offers a Subtle Way to Go Blonde This Summer

When summer rolls around, blondes tend to go a bit brighter to welcome the sunniness of the season. But not everyone wants to be a bleached blonde. Sometimes a more subtle, natural take on blonde will do the trick. That’s where the mushroom blonde hair color trend comes in to satisfy your needs for a muted summer hue.

“This trend appeals to those who prefer a more understated, subtle approach to their blonde as the shade feels softer and more natural-looking,” notes Tom Smith, leading hairstylist and International Creative Director at Evo. He points out that it’s “the total opposite to many of the bright summery shades we’ve been seeing recently, such as ’90s blonde and ripple highlights.

Mane Addicts got the breakdown from Tom about this neutral blonde hair color, so keep scrolling to learn all there is to know about mushroom blonde!

What Is Mushroom Blonde?

We’ve mentioned the mushroom blonde hair color is a subtler blonde that isn’t as bright as other variations of the shade. Tom shares that the color “describes a more muted and earthy shade inspired by the taupe, beige, and pebble that is found in the fungi family of mushrooms.” So if you were curious as to why it is referred to as mushroom blonde, it’s because it’s literally inspired by the fungi. For all of you hoping to connect with nature a bit more this summer, why not start with your hair color?

Achieving the Color

Tom enlightens us on how to achieve the color whether you’re asking for it as a client or creating it as a hairstylist.

What Clients Should Ask For

If you’re a client, he says “the key element is ‘coolness.’ It’s certainly a ‘dark blonde’ shade rather than bold platinum or a brunette shade.”

He does encourage you to also bring images to your consultation or hair appointment so you can show your stylist exactly what you want. “Showing images is the best way to communicate with your hairstylist,” he says. “I recommend choosing three images (of different heads of hair) to show your hair colorist the ‘vibe’ of what you like and have them create something inspired by that which perfectly suits you.” Don’t worry, we have plenty of mushroom blonde hair color inspiration photos for you to choose from below!

What Stylists Should Mix Up

For stylists, Tom again points out that there is an emphasis on coolness for this hair color. “The key here is bringing in a coolness without losing the earthiness of a natural soft brunette/dark blonde,” he says. “Cool ash tones mixed with beige or soft lavender tones are enough to neutralize yellowish tones in the hair without making the hair too cool like gray or silver tones. I typically mix a cool chocolate tone which combines warm and cool tones. Then I add a soft lavender or ‘pearl’ to create the smokiness.”

Mushroom Blonde Hair Color Inspiration

Now, the moment many of you have been waiting for, some of our favorite takes on the shade. Be sure to save your favorites and try to pull inspiration from those who have a similar skin tone to you. This will help you manage your expectations when it comes to achieving the color.

Pearlescent Mushroom Blonde

Okay, how stunning is this variation of the hue? That is the glossiest hair we’ve seen in a long time, maybe even ever. If you’re looking for a take on the shade that offers more shine, this is it.

Icy Mushroom Blonde

Still want a little bit of brightness? Go with this icy blonde shade.

Mushroom Money Piece

The money piece highlight trend is still in, so if you’re not quite ready to go full mushroom blonde, you can always opt for a money piece highlight.

Natural Blonde

For blondes who are over having to care for brighter shades, this more natural blonde take is calling your name. Rooted and subtle, everyone will think your color is natural. Don’t worry, we won’t tell them otherwise.

Smokey Mushroom Blonde

Give your take on the hair color an extra bit of smokiness with some silver tones.

Mushroom Blonde Balayage

A great way to add some dimension to this subtle hue is with a bit of balayage.

For all our brunettes, you can still join in on the mushroom-inspired hair color trend. Learn everything there is to know about mushroom brunette HERE!

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