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This Mushroom-Inspired Hair Color Has Been Blowing Up On Pinterest

Some of us love the umami taste of mushrooms and their psychotropic and stress-relieving benefits. In fact, some swear by the healing powers of reishi, lion’s mane while others feel personally attacked by the thought of ingesting a fungus full of spores. It doesn’t matter where you stand on the mushroom spectrum or how you personally feel about the fungus, mushroom hair is here to stay. Read on to find out why hair aficionados on Pinterest and Instagram seem to agree.


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What Exactly Is Mushroom Hair?

Unlike us, the color job is pretty low maintenance. Depending on your mane’s length, it can take anywhere between three and six months to grow out. Longer hair can go even more time without an appointment and last as long as a year.  It’s perfect for the person who wants to find a great compromise between a light brown and a dark blonde. Celebrity colorist Stephanie Brown, Master Hair Colorist at IGK Salon, dubs it an ashier version of a bronde.  Stephanie breaks down exactly what you have to ask for at the salon if you want to achieve the perfect mushroom mane.

How to Pull Mushroom Hair Off

Kate McKinnon’s colorist suggests you approach your salon with a request for a light brown/dark blonde subtle ombré. You need to make sure your colorist nails a few variations of light brown and dark blonde pieces in your mushroom hair. If your colorist seems confused by your request, you can also describe the look as an “ashier bronde.” Stephanie suggests bringing in inspo pictures to your appointment as a visual cue is always helpful.

If a hair color in the bronde family is in your future, CHECK OUT what exact shade matches your skin color.


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