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3 Top Beauty Founders Share Their Fave Hair Products

Beauty founders know a thing or two about good products. After all, they’ve created their own empires based off of selling or creating great products. Which is why we tapped the women behind Violet Grey, Peach & Lily, and Vivrant Beauty for their fave beauty insider hair products. The three online retailers specialize in different categories, which is why we knew it was right for us to tap their founders—Cassandra Grey, Alicia Yoon, and Desiree Verdejo—for all the beauty insider hair products we need to be buying right now, based on how we approach haircare. Warning: reading this may cause excessive spending.


“I hang around a lot of hairstylists in hopes they will share all of their secrets with me,” Cassandra Grey hilariously told us. Her favorite products right now include Windle & Moodle’s Invisible Day & Night Cream, this surefire Yves Durif Brush, famed hairstylist Christophe Robin’s Cleansing Mask with Lemon, and Slip’s white pillowcase—the latter which we’re also completely obsessed with. When it comes to what we should be buying right now, Grey recommends two Mane Addicts favorites: OUAI Wave Spray and Adir + Lelet NY’s hair accessories. She also suggests a Shhhowercap.


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And Grey’s prediction for what’s next in hair? “Wigs will go mainstream.” They have definitely had their moments in past decades—who could forget the amazing hair changes of Diana Ross or the statement-making red and green choices of Lil’ Kim?—but with the chic, quick-change cuts of the Kardashian-Jenner family, we’d say Grey is totally right.


Alicia Yoon Beauty Insider Hair Products

Alicia Yoon has six things that are going to affect haircare in a major way in 2017. First up is natural, toxin-free products. “This has taken on a whole new level of attention because people see the scalp as an extension of skin on your face,” states Yoon. “Keeping the scalp healthy and also irritant-free has become a big point of focus for brands. Olive Young is Korea’s largest beauty supply store and everyone should visit it if they’re beauty obsessed and find themselves there.” Aromatica is her favorite brand at the moment and you can tell how major it is because most of its hair products are sold out on her site! Next are scalp treatments. “There are a lot more scalp treatments coming up in Korea because people want to keep it healthy,” Yoon informs us. “This Aromatica one in particular is a tonic that helps keep your scalp free of dandruff and soothes it simultaneously.” Hair mists are the next big trend and we happen to use this product ourselves. Yoon advises, “These are great for those wanting to keep hair shiny throughout the day, freshen their tresses up a bit, or keep them smelling great!”

Hair peeling gel is Yoon’s next prediction that will absolutely change the haircare game. “It’s a way to do exfoliation to the scalp,” she notes. “Again, the big theme here is that the scalp is treated in much the same way skin on the face is treated.” Eco Your Skin will be coming soon to Peach & Lily, but you can check out the brand’s site here until that happens. The next product shares some of the same elements as your favorite drink. “The Kombucha Salt Hair Foam Treatment is a fluffy mousse that provides an at-home head spa treatment that will help combat damaging pollutants to hair and scalp, refreshes it, and creates a shinier mane,” Yoon instructs.

And last but not least are steaming masks for your hair! “This is an intensive treatment in what looks like a shower cap, which is placed onto your head after shampooing in the shower,” states Yoon. “10 minutes later, it’s rinsed out and your hair is left so silky. The steaming effect of the shower cap intensifies the results.” That’s coming soon to Peach & Lily as well and sounds epic.


Desiree Verdejo Beauty Insider Hair Products

“Our approach to haircare focuses on the fact that there are a variety of hair types that are often overlooked by major beauty retailers,” states Vivrant Beauty founder Desiree Verdejo. “Our shelves reflect the unique needs for this wide range of hair textures.” She’s most excited by two new brands in the haircare space right now: Girl + Hair and Sienna Naturals. “The former is a brand created by a doctor for women that wear hair weaves and braid extensions and want to simultaneously care for their own hair underneath.” We love our extensions, so we’re investing in this brand asap! “And Sienna Naturals was created for healthy, textured hair.” It features natural ingredients like baobab oil for moisture and blue tansy oil for a healthy, clean scalp. This year, Verdejo believes the focus on afro-textured hair will shift from the States to the UK. “We are noticing some amazing brands coming out of Europe,” she informs. “Our customers are loving brands like Afrocenchix and Modie Haircare, which focus on moisturizing hair products for curls and kinks.”


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Verdejo is always searching for new products, but her favorites right now are Briogeo’s Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask, the Q-Redew—a handheld hair steamer that both elongates and hydrates your curls simultaneously—and Earth’s Nectar’s Honey Curls.

Keep up with Grey, Yoon, and Verdejo at @violetgrey, @peachandlily, and @vivrantbeautyny. Have you tried any of their recommendations?


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