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MUST HAVE: DIY No Crease Clips

No Crease Clips Backstage Fashion Week Mane Addicts

If you’re as hair obsessed as we are, you’ve probably come to recognize our reliance on no-crease clips, usually seen in backstage photos at fashion week every year. These clips are great for holding a set style into place without leaving a mark or crease.Joan Smalls no crease clips backstage fashion week mane addicts DIY

The problem I’ve come across as a hairstylist is that we all run to the same reliable sources to stock up on these clips, and when you’re working with a team, there’s no telling whose clips are whose. So this season, I decided to create my own. And guess what? Not only are they unique and distinctive, but easy to track down before the catwalk!

Mane Addicts Clips DIY


STEP 1: Buy flat pin curl clips or duck bill clips from your local beauty supply store – Sally’s or Ricky’s, etc. You can even find at a local arts & crafts store .

STEP 2: Pick a flat and sturdy surface to attach your pins to (I chose Mane Addicts stickers) and cut into shapes accordingly. You can use anything! Get creative!

STEP 3: Purchase design tape to attach the two together;metallic, polka dot, chevron… so many options! Or peel off the back of the sticker to attach.

Mane Addicts Clips DIY

These are easy to make in the comfort of your own home without spending a fortune or venturing off to a professional beauty supply.

Share your trials and errors with us below or tag us in an image of your results on Instagram #maneaddicts.

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