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MUST HAVE: The Glam App

Ever dream of having a personal in home stylist? Are you going someplace special and have no clue how to get that bombshell blowout? Well, we have exciting news for you!

Celebrity hair stylist and Mane Master, Joey Maalouf has teamed up with actress and blogger Cara Santana to create The Glam App, a mobile application to bring beauty on demand to you. With the push of a button (or swipe of a smartphone) The Glam App delivers beauty experts right to your door.

The Glam App

We had a chance to talk to Joey about what the app really is all about…

What inspired you to start the glam app and what type of woman was the app made for?

We wanted to create a luxury beauty experience for every woman, everywhere. Luxury beauty should not just be reserved for the elite, the rich, or the famous. It should be available to all women. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you are empowered. That is what we wanted to do, empower all women.

joey maalouf the glam app

How can women utilize services?

Its very simple. Download The Glam App and sign up. Click the service and price you want to spend, and voila.

The App also serves as an amazing resource for stylists, it works as a virtual agency to give stylists the chance to become a freelance artist, where you can make your own schedule and manage your clientele and appointments right through your phone!

The Glam App

Available in Los Angeles and Orange County, The Glam app has a full menu that includes a variety of hair, makeup, and nail services for you to customize your very own in home salon experience.
Stylist options vary, from fresh faced beauty school graduates to the #ManeMasters of the industry with years of experience.

With prices ranging from $40-$120, this beauty on demand app is not only easy on the eyes, but easy on your wallets too. Count us in!

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