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The Must Follow Fashion Week BTS Instagram Accounts

New York Fashion Week may have just kicked off Wednesday, but social media is already in full swing with updates everywhere you look. Even if you weren’t one of the lucky few to get a ticket to the top shows, Instagram provides an all-access pass to the most fabulous looks and backstage action in real time, (watching videos of the hottest shows is basically the same as being there, right?). If you’re anything like us, your insta-feed is starting to feel just as cluttered as the streets of New York, so to cut through the noise, we rounded up the top #bts accounts to follow during Fashion Week.

@orlandopita– Last season, Pita created iconic looks, like the perfectly windblown braids at Michael Kors, and has already snapped action shots from his first show at BCBG. A must follow in our book!

@guidopalau– We’re not sure how Guido can top the choppy black wigs from Marc Jacobs last season, or the wigs from the season before for that matter, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled on his instagram for any repeat performances.

@laurentphilippon – The artistic director of Bumble and Bumble has created some of our favorite looks of runways past, (we wore ponytails for an entire season after the cyber futuristic looks at Herve Leger Fall 2014), and the brands hashtag #bbbackstage provides a more intimate look behind the scenes of the shows.

@SamMcKnight1– Back in September, we featured Mane Master Sam Mcknight, and this hair legend shows no signs of slowing down this time around.

@EugeneSouleiman– After changing the game with textured rope braids at Donna Karen last season, and leather wrapped ponytails the year before, this in-demand stylist is a force to be reckoned with. He’s already impressed by started NYFW with Kanye West’s Yeezy line.

@JamesPecis– He may be young, but Pecis has been on our radar since he amped up the ponytails at Wes Gordon last fall by accessorizing them with silver cuffs. His shot from Ryan Roche with Phyto Haircare already has us impatiently awaiting more.

@nylonmag – Of course Nylon Mag captures the ultimate cool girl photos from on and off the runway. We’re swooning over the behind the scenes photos from Mara Hoffman and feel like maybe we were there in spirit.

@bumbleandbumble – Bumble and bumble stylist Allen Thomas Wood stunned us with this leather wrapped pony, and with Bumble and bumble leading just about every worthwhile show this season, we’re definitely checking their page regularly.

@beautyhigh – With all the best hair and beauty shots, Beauty High offers us an up close glimpse at the most memorable hair and makeup looks from the week, especially this twisted updos by Orlando Pita.

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