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My Curls are Woke Thanks to This Lightweight Styling Cream

Some days my curls fuel my vanity, other days they’re out to sabotage my life. If you’ve read any of my last three product reviews, you know that I’ve been on a heat hiatus for about a year. Define heat hiatus, you say? Lather, rinse, wrap a T-shirt around my head, brush, apply leave-in conditioner then let air dry. I’m partial to the shape of my perky, curly coils, but I have a bone to pick with them about constantly drying into frizzy, unnecessarily puffy slash awkwardly voluminous strands the moment I step outside (P.S. outside = Los Angeles). And despite me indulging the rambunctious bits in leave-in conditioner, throughout the day my curls tend to become parched.

A bottle of Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Enhancer sat on my shelf for a week until I decided to try it. It’s not that I doubted the cream’s capabilities, I’ve just been in an anti-product funk. I instantly fell out of said funk after trying this Aveda styling cream. On damp hair, I lightly scrunched a quarter-size amount from ends to roots, then, having the urge to really put this stuff to the test, I applied another quarter-size dollop throughout. The actual consistency of the cream is lightweight, and to my surprise it didn’t leave a sticky residue on my hands before washing them.

After about thirty minutes, I relished in what was a sight to be seen on my head—my once puffy, now pillowy curls looking courteous and well-behaved like never before. Infused with wheat protein and organic aloe, the cream promised to “intensify curls” and having imbued my coils with touchable softness, and unrivaled definition, I’d say it delivered. After stepping out in the hellish weather the universe has cursed Angelenos with, my curls remained classy and resisted frizz. I take my wash-and-go lifestyle very seriously, and this stuff just upped my quality of life. Girls with wavy or curly hair, do yourself a favor and give your curls a serving of this cream.



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