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Behind the North American Hairdressing Awards 2016

NAHA Awards 2016

For once, what happens in Vegas, DOESN’T stay in Vegas. The 2016 North American Hairstyling Awards was a celebration of artistic expression, the importance of continued education, and of course, great hair!!! The Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas was invaded by more than 3,000 beauty professionals in pursuit of becoming best in show, and let us tell you, this year there was some stiff competition!

NAHA Awards 2016 Aveda Presentation Cheeky Pop

Judged on everything from technical excellence and design aesthetic to beauty business acumen, the 27th annual award show honored 75 finalists in categories like the avant-garde, haircolor, texture, and Hairstylist of the year. Ever in celebration of education, some of our fave highlights included Aveda frontrunners Evan Erickson and Jesse Ervin taking home the honor of Newcomer Stylist, and Student Hairstylist of the Year respectively.

NAHA Awards 2016 Aveda Presentation Cheeky Pop Allen Ruiz

The expansive ceremony was made spectacular by the catwalk presentations put on by Redken, MorrocanOil, and Wella, but we couldn’t recap the festivities without mentioning Aveda’s presentation aptly named, “Cheeky Pop.” Global creative director for the brand, Antoinette Beenders, shares her inspiration behind this bold, vibrant look, “Cheeky Pop is part pop art, part anime and a whole lot of Aveda. I wanted to present something joyful and beautiful, a moment of happiness and pure playfulness.”

NAHA Awards 2016 Aveda Presentation Cheeky Pop

On the sculptural hairstyles, Antoinette adds, “it provides an instant hair cut without scissors.” The team creating this exuberant look included top Aveda Mane Masters like Allen Ruiz and Tippi Shorter, who truly shined among the award winners at NAHA 2016.

NAHA Awards 2016 Aveda Presentation Cheeky Pop

What do you think of this sassy, sculptural hairstyle??

What was your fave #manemoment from the NAHA Awards this year?

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