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Nail Kirsten Dunst’s Parisian Waves in Just 5 Steps

Kirsten Dunst Sag Awards Effortless Waves

Every 90’s baby knows that Kirsten Dunst has been the queen of cool from the very start. The girl to put effortless beauty and lived in hair on the map, she revives her signature 90’s style with gorgeous Parisian waves on the red carpet just last weekend. Haistylist Renato Campora breaks down how to get that cool girl bend in just 5 steps below.

Kirsten Dunst Sag Awards Effortless Waves

“The inspiration for the look was an effortlessly chic, Parisian-inspired soft wave. To achieve and set the foundation of Kirsten’s look, it all started with the haircut I gave her today which featured a lot of layers for added movement and volume.”


  1. I started by parting her hair down the center while wet and applying Dove Curls Defining Mousse from root to ends.
  2. Then, I rough dried her hair using my hands and a blow dryer to begin adding shape to the hair while bringing out her natural texture.
  3. Once her hair was cool, I sprayed Dove Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo throughout her hair to create added texture and volume for the waves.
  4. I then separated her hair into medium-sized sections and wrapped them around a 1.5” inch curling iron to create waves for a piecey, soft undone look.
  5. Just before walking out, I spritzed her with Dove Flexible Hold Hairspray for a long lasting hold.      

Think you’ll try this look at home? Tag @maneaddicts if you try so we can see!

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