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Nat + Liv Show Us How Glam-bition is Done

Nat + Liv Mane Ambition

With piercing blue eyes and stunning complexions, Nat + Liv are a duo in every sense of the word. Cousins by blood, but best friends by heart, the pair are nearly inseparable. In fact, when Natalie was approached for E!‘s WAGS, she only agreed to do it if Olivia could come with! Since then, the two have created a popular YouTube Channel that allows their fans to connect with them in a more intimate way than the TV show and a blog called Jerome, with all their favorite, fashion, beauty, and behind the scenes tips. 

We invited the duo to Mane Addicts HQ for a quick glam and photo sesh to see what they’re up to.

Natalie, you’re currently in a relationship. What can you tell us about it?

N: We’ve been dating for like four years. I get a lot of grief on our TV show, because I’m not trying to pursue marriage and that throws people for a loop, because they think we’re not genuinely in love because we don’t want to get married. I might want to eventually, but right now I just don’t. We’re a bit different that way than other girls on the show.

L: She just threw him the biggest surprise birthday and killed it.

N: It was at his friend’s house and these balloons that light up and girls were inside them. They had to take 20 minute breaks because there isn’t enough oxygen in them.

L: She flew in his mom and sister.


What’s your favorite thing about being in a relationship, Natalie?

N: Having another best friend. As independent as I try to be be, being able to rely on somebody and have companionship. 

 Nat + Liv Mane Ambition

Liv, are you dating anyone? What do you look for in a dude?

L: I am, but you have to watch the show. Mine’s a little juicy. I don’t wanna give away anything. 

I look for a guy with confidence. Humor is huge, because I’m such a big nerd. I’m constantly joking. I do not take myself seriously. And then confidence, because when a man has confidence, everything follows. He can hold a job, he can hold a conversation. So yeah, I’d say humor and confidence.


What’s the biggest turn off in a guy?

L: I guess arrogance and cockiness. Like chill out, it doesn’t impress me. When a guy is flossing like that, it’s not a turn on to me at all. I like when you do it silently and it speaks for itself.


How have your Instagrams influenced your careers?

It kinda gave us a start, a catapult, because it was a platform to do what we wanted to do. The power is in your hands with Youtube and Instagram. Once we got on it, we saw there was something there and we ran with it. It just keeps growing and it’s awesome, we’re really glad people are loving what we’re putting out.

Nat + Liv Mane Ambition 

What’s been your biggest moment of success yet?

N: I think the Youtube channel’s really exciting because it’s all ours—we get to creatively do everything. It’s really nice, because no one’s telling guys what to do.

L: Youtube, for sure. Going back to the show, we got picked up after I think the third of fourth episode which apparently that’s pretty quick, because they don’t usually decide until after the whole season. And now, there’s a spinoff in Miami. We pride ourselves on having had a good chunk to do with that. And having a second season is pretty rare so that’s an accomplishment. 


The most challenging thing about being an influencer?

N: Trying to stay true to yourself. It’s hard to be online and see what’s trending and not be super influenced by that.

L: To be able to stick to what’s true to you and what your vision’s like even though it doesn’t get that many likes.

Nat + Liv Mane Ambition

Now, let’s talk hair. What are your routines like?

L: Every time I wash my hair, I use purple shampoo, because of my blonde. I don’t wash it everyday though. We’re not like hair washes everyday, I don’t know how girls do that. I like rocking dirtier hair. Then, when I get out of the shower, I do a leave-in conditioner.

N: For me, I have naturally curly hair. It’s bad, yeah. It looks amazing, but I never actually rock my natural texture so I get blowouts once a week and somewhere in between I’ll do it myself or use dry shampoo—it is life.


Hair products you can’t live without?

L: Dry shampoo! Because like we said, we don’t wash our hair everyday so a quick little save. And then I use wax sometimes on my baby hairs, and I have a scar right here so I’ll wax this to the side.

Nat + Liv Mane Ambition

So dry shampoo and wax…

And hair dye. Haha.


How often do you dye your hair?

Every three weeks or so.

Nat + Liv Mane Ambition

What’s your natural hair color?

N: Like a poo brown. I was really blonde when I was a baby. When I went through puberty, around 12, it got really dark, and now it’s just this crap brown color.

L: My hairdresser is the best. Tauni at 901Salon. The only two people that have touched my hair are Natalie and Tauni.

N: I used to do my entire family’s hair for forever.


Do you still do it, Natalie?

No, I hated doing it! All throughout high school, I was dyeing my friends’ hair and her brother is a stylist so he’d get me all the products. Cutting hair, cutting extensions, dyeing hair, everything.

Nat + Liv Mane Ambition

And who does your hair, Natalie?

I do. I dye it and cut it myself. The only thing I got to the salon is for blowouts. I use an app called BlowMe, where they send someone to my house to give me a blowout.


Your go-to power hairstyle is____:

Both: I’m all for a good topknot. Like a facelift. When you wanna be like business and power, slick that baby back.

  Nat + Liv Mane Ambition

You feel the sexiest when your hair is____:

L: Down and beachy and wavy.

N: I like my hair up.


Your least favorite hair trend____:

N: I don’t like the straight across bangs, because they don’t look good on me.

L: Not a fan of crimped hair.

Nat + Liv Mane Ambition

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Hair by @scottkinghair

Makeup by Alexander Echeverri

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