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13 Halloween Costume Ideas for Natural Hair Beauties

Halloween is around the corner, folks. While there certainly isn’t a shortage of costume ideas on the internet, sometimes you just want to keep it simple. That’s why we love the versatility of natural hair. You can either slick it down and throw a wig on or incorporate your hair and create a fun costume. Regardless of what you decide to do, here are some natural hair Halloween costumes we think will inspire you!

Justice in Poetic Justice

This costume will forever be a classic. Maybe because it’s inspired by the outfit worn by Janet Jackson’s character in the ’90s film Poetic Justice? Maybe because it’s so easy to pull off?

Getting the look is pretty simple, If you are currently rocking box braids or even locs, your costume is halfway complete. Then you’ll just need to put your hair in a high ponytail and add a white headband.

Coachella Beyoncé

Dressing up like Beyoncé for Halloween is a given. Who doesn’t want to be the superstar, even if it’s just for a night? Her amazing career has given us hit after hit and look after look. This Beychella-inspired Halloween outfit put together by @shanialee___ is a great option for Halloween. You can also dress as Renaissance-era Beyonce and rock a silver monokini.

What really makes a Beyonce costume is the hair. Rocking her signature honey-blonde waves is crucial. We recommend trying this Honey Blonde Deep Wave Wig from Amazon for the night.

A Seat at the Table Solange

Instagram user @authentically.b nailed this gorgeous Solange-inspired look from her A Seat at the Table album. She used red and blue gator clips on her hair parted down the middle. This look can be recreated whether your hair is curled or straight since the clips really make the costume. These blue gator clips and red gator clips from Amazon should do the trick.


We are obsessed with @kieraplease. She is an endless source of inspiration when it comes to costumes so we encourage you to check her page out for Halloween and cosplay ideas. To recreate the big, fluffed-out afro she wore for her Shego costume we recommend getting a hair pick or wide-tooth comb and creating volume at the root to give your hair that body. Alternatively, you can buy a wig online to recreate the look.

Clawdeen Wolf

Another awesome Halloween idea from @kieraplease is her Clawdeen Wolf costume. To recreate this look, you can keep it really simple and get the Clawdeen Wolf wig from Spirit Halloween. You can also purchase a different copper wig and then buy some cute wolf ears to put together the look yourself. The choice is yours.

Chuckie Finster

We want to recreate every costume @kieraplease puts together. She makes everything look so original and cool. Her Chuckie Finster costume is not only cute but super easy to put together. What you absolutely need is the right wig (to recreate the Rugrats character’s wild red hair) and the Chuckie Finster glasses. We recommend combing the curls out of the wig for a messier look.

Black Panther

Bantu knots, like the ones seen on @donedo, are always a great go-to style if your costume is inspired by Black Panther, The Woman King, or any other African royalty. Like so many other costumes on the list, it really is all about the hair. The rest of the costume can be open to your interpretation whether you decide to wear tribal mark-inspired makeup or wear tribal-inspired clothes.


Another dope costume to try from @donedo is this Avatar costume. Now hear us out: yes, this is a bit more involved, but we guarantee you will be one of the best dressed at any costume party you roll through. And since the makeup makes the costume, you can pretty much wear your hair however you want.

Check out @donedo’s Avatar tutorial to recreate this look. Her YouTube page also has other tutorials for costumes you’ll love.


Of course, @donedo came through with even more Halloween inspiration with this She-Devil look. The influencer is rocking Bantu knots with her look but this can easily be styled with any type of hairstyle since the look is made with makeup and hair accessories. We love these red horn snap clips from Walmart.

Sally in The Nightmare Before Christmas

Let’s talk about @curlyheadshinobi for a minute. The cosplay influencer has an Instagram page worth checking out, especially if you want costume inspiration. We love her Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas costume. To get this red hair look, we recommend a wig or a hair wax.

Dolores Madrigal in Encanto

How cute is @curlyheadshinobi in this Dolores costume? This costume idea is so easy. All you’ll need to do is put your hair up in a puff if it’s long enough. If it isn’t, get a ponytail extension in your hair color. Don’t forget a red headband with a bow!

Minnie Mouse

What can we say? Instagram user @actually_ashly is absolutely speaking our language with this easy Halloween costume. To recreate this Minnie Mouse look, all you need to do is part your hair into two afro puffs and put on a red ribbon with white polka dots. Pair this look with a black outfit and you’re done.


Instagram user @aminamarie did what needed to be done for all of us who want a costume to be as simple as possible. To recreate this lion look, we recommend temporary hair color in a gold or yellow hue (if your hair is not already this color).

Start with an afro, wash n go, twist, or braid out. Feel free to pick your hair for more volume (we’re going for a lion’s mane look so the bigger the better). Take the front of your hair (less than half) and part it down the middle. Create two loose Bantu knots and secure them with bobby pins. Fluff and go.

Thinking of changing your hair color for your natural hair Halloween costume? Check out our list of temporary hair color products your hair will love HERE.

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