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NEED TO KNOW: A Simple Natural Hair Night Routine

Natural Curls

After a long day of adulting, the very last thing you want to do is more work — in this case, dealing with your hair. As fabulous as our kinks and curls are, they are also equally time-consuming as far as maintenance is concerned. Personally, I’d rather snooze than spend that extra 15 minutes prepping my mane for the next day. But a head of gorgeous, and most importantly, manageable hair in the A.M. makes the night labor worth it every time! Your night routine doesn’t have to take much time or effort, but a few simple steps can work wonders in the morning.


  • Instant hairstyle for the next morning
  • Maintenance of previous hairstyle
  • Soft and manageable curls



dark and lovely super quench

Our hair typically dries out throughout the day. Quench its thirst with a spritz of water or a water-based leave-in conditioner.


miss jessies pillow soft curls

Apply a dime size portion of your favorite curl cream and then follow up with your favorite sealant oil (Jamaican Black Castor Oil works wonders).

3. SET

bantu knots

Section your hair into desired number of sections and begin twisting, braiding, bantu-knotting, or even flexi-rodding. (Our advice is to keep it simple with four sections and jumbo braids or twists.) These easy-to-do set styles will help maintain moisture and curl definition.


Head Scarf

Cover or wrap your hair with satin bonnet or scarf. The smooth fibers won’t rob your hair of moisture and will keep your strands frizz-free.

What’s your natural hair routine? Tell us in the comments below!

2 minutes

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