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WHAT TO BUY: 5 Natural Hair Products That Really Work

These days, I find myself and my clients opting for the natural option wherever possible. Eating organic, natural foods can go a long way, but I want to make sure that what I put on my skin and hair is just as additive and chemical-free. So I went to the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim with natural beauty expert Jessa Blades to see what I could find in natural haircare that I could be using as both a product junkie and haircare professional. Here are some of my findings!


Dr Bronners Organic Pump Soap

I’ve been a fan of Dr. Bronner’s all-in-one castile soap for a long while, I often use it on my hair, and I’ve had great results.This new liquid pump soap is made with hair washing in mind (totally natural), but much easier to rinse. It’s made of an organic blend of sugar, grape juice, coconut oil, and hair wonder shikakai powder, and comes in six different great smelling flavors (including unscented).

I find this product definitely isn’t a strip-clean shampoo—it seems to leave all the natural oils in my hair—and just removes the dirt, which is much nicer, and means I can use it without conditioner. A winner! 


Alteya Organics Aromatherapeutic Hair Butter Bulgarian Rose

Alter Organics makes exquisite, completely organic rose oil in Bulgaria, picked by hand, and small batch processed. This oil is renowned for its healing, balancing and therapeutic properties. Concentrated here into a hair treatment balm with coconut and sweet almond oil and shea butter, which can be used as a deep conditioner or a styling aid. Warm the balm between the palms and smooth onto your tired ends for instant zing!

I have used this on clients, and there is a visible difference in the appearance of hair. It seals cuticles and adds shine without any silicones or petroleum oils. I really love it—try it instead of serum! 


Aubrey Chia Mousse

There is such a shortage of natural/organic styling products on the market, just now am I seeing some start to emerge, and not all of them are good, especially from a professional perspective. Aubrey has been making natural beauty products since 1967, and now has a pretty comprehensive range including gels, salt spray, hair spray, serum and mousse.

I gave the Chia volumising pump action mousse a whirl, and it’s a pretty good. It does have a light thickening effect, and would be good for very fine hair, to give it some oomph. Not strong enough for my kit, I wouldn’t say, but a good at-home blow dry mousse/lotion. I actually also used the Salt Spray in the same range, and found it to be more nourishing than actually styling. I love Aubrey products, I just wish these styling ones were stronger! 


Alteya Organics Bulgarian Rose Water Spray

You really don’t need to wash your hair more than once a week—over-washing can cause hair to be difficult to manage/style, and it’s a lot of work. I tend to wash and style once a week, and then just refresh each morning.

This does make my hair prone to product buildup, but the answer can be found in rose water. Spritzing this on your hair will re-activate any and all products in your hair, as well as smelling delightful. Totally natural, totally time-saving, and an essential for my bathroom as well as my kit. Alteya (who make organic rose oil mentioned above) makes an excellent thermal distilled water that makes for an excellent facial toner also! 


Mother Dirt Shampoo

We all know that there’s good and bad bacteria, which is why we take probiotics, and eat live culture yoghurts. It’s good for your digestion and immune system, but it’s also good for your skin and hair. Mother Dirt is pioneering the use of good bacteria in beauty products, and has now released a shampoo within this range.

Sulfates and damaging detergents strip hair and scalp of their natural oils, as well as the bacteria, which can cause skin irritation. This shampoo works without these, making stronger, easier-to-manage hair, and used in conjunction with the AO+ mist, can actually replace the bacteria on your skin/hair, and even reduce the need for conditioner (yay!).

This shampoo only contains six ingredients, and doesn’t contain any preservatives, which is wonderful because it has less chemicals, but it also means it’s only good for eight weeks. As I only wash my hair once a week, that’s not a lot of product used, but if combined with the mist, can help with itchy, flaky scalps and other skin irritations in a completely natural way. 

 Click here for more MA-approved natural hair products.

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