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How to Embrace Natural Texture Like the Model’s at Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4 SS17 Show


Kanye West cast an entirely African American show for his SS17 presentation. With a neutral pallet full of clear plastics and comfortable basics with unique cuts, the models hair was paired down to effortlessly natural, each of them with their own unique texture.


“We’ve got 250 models here atthe Kanye West show,” says key hairstylist Guido Palau. “All are African American, so we’ve got lots of textured hair to play with. We’re really enhancing all the girls’ natural texture and we’re using Redken’s NEW! Curvaceous line for each look, in different capacities. We’ve prepped the hair by shampooing it, then following up by using conditioner and styling products. So really what we’re seeing is embracing this natural curl that many of these girls have. Although it’s such a large group, each with their own unique style, the general theme would be embracing natural texture. When talking about natural texture, whether that be on African Americans or anyone who’s got wild curls, what we’re looking for is a great shape in your hair. The ideal cut will allow you to let those curls really come out and you’ll feel more comfortable in letting your hair dry naturally. I think women sometimes get a little bit uncomfortable because they think it looks messy. But if hair is well shaped, then the style has a good foundation.”


  1. Prep hair with Curvaceous Low Foam Moisturizing Cleanser and Conditioner to prep hair. Allow hair to air dry. 
  2. Spray Curvaceous CCC Spray generously throughout freshly washed hair to set and invigorate curls.
  3. Tweak curls with different sized curling irons in sections to enhance natural texture. 
  4. Finally, pump a dime-sized amount of Diamond Oil into hands then scrunch throughout hair to give a natural shine and smooth your ends

2 minutes

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