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Haircuts That Embrace Your Natural Texture

There’s nothing better than a haircut that you don’t have to put much effort into. As much as we may love styling our hair and trying new trends, there’s just something about an easy breezy chop that allows your natural texture to shine. Below are the best natural texture haircuts that work with almost any hair type. Find the best one for you now!

The Shag

Recommended for: Fine and straight to thick and curly

Ah, the glorious shag. Part classic and part on-trend, this natural texture haircut is a wonder. While most of the shag examples you may see are on wavy to curly hair, this haircut can actually complement a variety of textures. The key to getting it right? Blending.

On thicker, curlier, and coiler hair, shaggy layers and shapes are usually created with a lot of slide and freehand cutting, or razor work. Blunt ends on thick and curly hair are very obvious and can create an unwanted blocky or triangular effect within the layering. On finer, straighter locks, a balance of blunt angles and point cutting is incredibly important. You want to avoid blunt angled within the layers, but keep some at the ends to create an illusion of thickness.

The overall pro of the shag is that this cut looks good messy, it looks goof polished and styled, and it looks good up and down. There is really no way to go wrong with this look.

The Bob

Recommended for: Fine to medium hair with straighter strands

There’s a reason that Anna Wintour has always worn a bob haircut, it never truly goes out of style. And while those of all hair types can rock this cut, people with fine to medium hair density and straighter strands will find this chop to be the most complimentary to their texture.

A blunt bob always seems to shine when the hair is super straight and sharp. Alternatively, a tousled “bedhead” type texture can also give this cut a more romantic feel. Either way, if you have straighter strands, styling this haircut will be a breeze. Think wake up and go, and have thicker-looking hair while doing it.

Much of the technique involved in a bob cut relies on blunt angles. These sharp ends will actually create an illusion of thickness along your lengths (similar to what we talked about with the shag). Even better, there are so many bobs to try. French bobs, A-line bobs, stacked bobs, the list goes on. Whatever incarnation you prefer, a bob is worth a try.

The Pixie

Recommended for: Any hair type

A pixie haircut can truly transform a person, and can work on nearly any hair texture. Curly pixies are one of our favorites as they create the most beautiful shapes, full of life and volume. Pixie cuts also allow you to get creative when removing weight from the sides of your head, which can be especially beneficial for those with uber-thick locks. Designs, steps, fades, anything can be done to add a bit of interest to the hair around your ears or at the back of your neck.

Finer, straighter-haired babes can also benefit from a pixie. The mass amount of texture that a pixie cut can create will make straighter strands stand out and finer hair gain body. Not to mention the wash-and-go ability associated with pixies and short crops, and who doesn’t want that?

In the end, anyone can try any haircut they want. Sometimes they may take more maintenance than others, but these three natural texture haircuts are truly tailorable to making any hair texture shine, and make morning routines easier, and shorter.

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