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Ice Cream is Actually SO Good For Your Hair, No Really

I know what you’re thinking, “How can ice cream possibly be good for your hair? Yes, it’s actually a big mood. Allow me to introduce you to NaturAll Club — the fabulous, black-owned hair care company dedicated to creating farm-to-freeze deep conditioning treatments for textured locks. Their products are so fresh, they have to be frozen before use to preserve all the nutrients. I was fortunate enough to sit down with the brand’s founder, Muhga Eltigani, to talk about what goes into creating these phenomenal hair treats, her own favorite styling products and more below. 

I was also able to try one of these heavenly treatments for myself and I’ll say it did not disappoint. Read on further for what Muhga had to share and my own experience with the products.

Mane Addicts: I’d love to know a little bit more about your own natural texture. What products do you typically like to use to keep your hair looking its best?

Muhga Eltigani: My hair type is type three with high porosity. It’s also very dense so it’s important that I use products that will penetrate and not just remain on the surface. I typically like to use a deep conditioner to revitalize my curls while making for an easy detangling process. The shampoo I use is also very important, it properly cleanses any buildup that I’ve applied between wash days. Lastly, I love a good moisturizer to hydrate my hair for a sustainable, defined wash and go style.

MA: I love the concept of a farm-to-frozen deep conditioning treatment! What inspired you to create this? 

ME: I was inspired to create fresh products with real fruit ingredients from an internship I did while in Ghana and by visiting family in Sudan. I learned that the people there made their own products at home from avocado, mangos, and shea butter and was inspired to create nontoxic ingredients for my own community. There weren’t any products at the time that were performing the way I needed for my curls to thrive. So I decided to make products out of fresh fruit. So fresh, that you would need to keep them frozen to preserve their freshness.

MA: What do you think makes NaturAll Club unique from other hair care brands?

ME: Our frozen products are unlike any deep conditioner treatment you’ll experience made from fresh avocados and fruit extracts. Our packaging is also 50% PCR, providing a biodegradable experience. We also nurture a collective of curly-haired women across the world by offering helpful, informative posts on natural hair care, hosting community meet-ups for encouragement and growth and fostering online communities where our members can learn from and support one another.

MA: Which of the NaturAll Club products are your favorite and why?

ME: My favorite products are our avocado-based deep conditioners and the Hydrating Moisturizer. I love the Hydrating Moisturizer to define my natural texture while keeping my hair hydrated and frizz-free. It ultimately optimizes curl definition and provides smoothness and bounce.

My Review of the Products

To preface this mini-review, I can truly say that I’ve never used anything close to an ice cream deep conditioning treatment before. The lovely folks at NaturAll Club were kind enough to send me a few different “flavors” of their star product including The Original Dry Solution Ice Cream Treatment. I decided to start with this one since it’s the OG. I shampooed first and skipped using regular conditioner because I wasn’t sure exactly how hydrating this treatment would be. Sometimes, if I over-moisturize, my curls can become too greasy and I wanted to avoid this at all costs. Right off the bat, I loved that even though it had been in the freezer for some time, it really didn’t take long at all for it to thaw out (about 10 minutes).

Once the mixture melted to a lather-able consistency, it glided onto my strands pretty easily. I was definitely surprised by this, I thought it was going to be a mess-and-a-half so another major point for this formula. I left the treatment on for 20 minutes, as instructed, then rinsed. Something worth noting for anyone else who has thick, curly hair, it did take a while to completely rinse this out. Due to the avocado base, it’s a bit denser so I would also use it sparingly if you don’t want to end up a grease ball.

After letting my hair air dry, my curls felt springy, refreshed and moisturized. It wasn’t even just after the first use, the hydration lasted long into the days following. If you’re looking to take your ice cream habits beyond eating, I would highly recommend adding this to your winter deep conditioning rotation.

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