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Naturally Temi, Natural Hair

Temitope Adesina aka Naturally Temi is easily a YouTube sensation and self proclaimed natural hair enthusiast. With nearly 25K subscribers and over 60K Instagram followers, Temi is well known for her beautiful and unique mane that she manipulations into endless hairstyles. If you’re a naturalista looking for #manespo, you’ve hit the jackpot because this vlogger is definitely about to make it big time. Keep reading to learn a thing or two about the beauty expert.

Naturally Temi, natural hair,

MA: We love your YouTube channel! Tell us about starting it. Was there something that inspired you? 

TEMI: Starting my Youtube channel was very necessary to me as I felt like there weren’t many people with my hair texture to learn from. I’ve found ways to grow my hair by retaining length and I wanted to show what I did to achieve this. Also as I am Nigerian, and a lot of Nigerians think their hair can’t grow past a certain length and I wanted my hair growth to give hope that with proper care and a solid regimen your hair can achieve lots of growth no matter where you’re from.

MA: You have so many amazing hair tutorials! Are you a hairstylist yourself? 

TEMI: No I’m not a hairstylist, I’m just someone who has learned how to do their own hair because I didn’t think the salon would be able to know what to do with me. I’ve had so many bad salon experiences that I knew I couldn’t take it there on my natural hair journey. I built a relationship with my hair.

Naturally Temi, natural hair

MA: Have you always worn your hair natural? If not, when did you start embracing it? 

TEMI: No, I haven’t always been natural. I started my hair journey in 2012 when my mom was sick. It was so stressful taking her up and down to the hospital that I could not maintain my hair, so I just cut everything off. It gave me more time to focus on what was important at that moment, and that was my mom.

MA: Go to products every naturalista should own: ____. 

TEMI: I think every naturalists should own eco style, some type of edge control, jsheaessentials oil (you can use on skin and hair, I use it as a leave in and my hair stays moisturized longer than usual). A foaming mousse and some type of styling creme/gel

Naturally Temi, natural hair

MA: If your hair had a name it would be ____. 

TEMI: Thats funny I actually gave my hair a name and forgot it lol. if i was to give her a new name it would be Cynthia. I don’t know why my hair just give me Cynthia vibes haha.

MA: Describe your personal style in 3 words. 

TEMI: Effortless, Bold, Creative

MA: What’s next for you?! 

TEMI: Well I plan on working harder when it comes to my brand and put up lots of new material. Theres a lot of videos i need to get out that will help my fellow naturalists. so really, I’m just working on building my brand, thats the main goal.

Naturally Temi, natural hair

 Make sure to check out Temi’s YouTube for some amazing hair how-to’s and if you try them out, tag @maneaddicts so we can see what you do!

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