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5 Ways to Naturally Grow Your Hair

Waiting on our hair to grow is like waiting for Rihanna to drop new music—torturous. Daily length checks are especially frustrating if your mane’s in a growth slump. Supplements, droplets, and “miracle” creams that help speed up the process exist, yes—but it’s also possible to naturally grow your hair without them.

Before we get into nature’s secrets, it’s important to note that everyone’s hair works differently. One person’s rapid hair growth routine may not work for you (thanks, genetics). So while your healthy hair game maintenance may be A1, that doesn’t mean your mane’s length will be too. Keep in mind also that previous hair damage affects future hair growth, which means if your hair follicles are damaged from years of chemical treatments, the most you can do is nurse it back to health. What we’re saying is: Be patient with your mane, and it’ll reward you. Below are five things you can do now naturally grow your hair faster.

Ways to grow hair naturally | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Unsplash / Julia D.)

Protective Styles

Sometimes you just have to let go and let grow—we’re talking low-manipulation hairstyles. This is especially important for coarse, thick, and kinky hair textures, which are prone to dryness. Protective styles help maintain moisture and protect strands from pollution and damage. Stay out of your hair by wearing long-term protective styles like braids, twists, and weaves.


Healthy hair grows from root to tip, so be sure to nourish those ends. Trimming split or damaged ends will promote growth and keep your hair feeling and looking healthy.


Never skip conditioner. If your hair allows it, try adopting a no-poo regimen. The key to hair growth is moisture. You want to avoid dryness at all costs because dryness equals breakage. Hydrate your strands with conditioner, rinse with cool water, and follow up with your favorite sealant of oils or creams.

Scalp Massages

Stimulate growth by massaging your scalp with a diluted mixture of peppermint oil. Because of its high potency, it is advised to dilute peppermint oil with either water or oil. Peppermint oil stimulates blood circulation and increases oxygen supply, thereby allowing your roots to flourish. When mixed with a hair thickener like castor oil, the benefits are endless. Mix two or three drops of peppermint oil together with three ounces of castor oil and massage a small drops into your scalp.


Strong hair starts from within, so what you put in your body is of the utmost importance. Eat nuts, oats, and brown rice to get biotin, and leafy greens and berries for iron. Something as simple as upping your intake of water can also majorly help with hair growth.

Sleep also plays an important role in hair growth. Learn how it impacts hair growth HERE!

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