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NEED TO KNOW: Brushing Your Hair The Right Way

Brushing Your Hair The RIght Way, hair brush, hairbrush

There’s no way I’m not the only person who has a love-hate relationship with hair brushing. It’s one of those everyone’s-gotta-do-it things and for most, it brings back painful memories from a childhood of tangled hair at the hands of unsympathetic adult. So why are we talking about it? Because it matters, like, A LOT. That and because with a little knowledge, you can turn the process of brushing into something enjoyable and beneficial.


Key word; brushes. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. Unless you have a pixie cut, at the very least you should own 2 brushes and one comb.  I use more like 4 different brushes on a regular basis. A brush for wet hair like this Sheila Stotts one, a round brush for at-home blowouts like this one, a boar brush for smoothing out dry hair styles and de-frizzing like this $15 Mason Pearson dupe (or this list of other options of less expensive versions of the Mason Pearson) and a paddle brush for everyday use like this one from Harry Josh Pro Tools.



It’s not going to be pretty if you start off by brushing from your scalp down because by the time you get about half-way down, you’ll encounter a tangled mess and have to pull your brush through those knots in some way shape or form. NOT GOOD. You could be pulling out hair! Instead, start from the bottom, and work your way gently through the tangles at the bottom half. Then, work your way up a few inches at a time. By the time you’re brushing from the top, it’ll be smooth sailing.



Even if you haven’t been blessed with super thick hair,  to reap the full benefits of brushing you have to make sure your brush touches all of your hair. I like to throw the top half of my hair into a clip on top of my head and brush everything underneath first. It’s a crucial step because brushing distributes the oils and product in your hair so that they don’t build up near your scalp. Remember, sometimes they key to good volume comes from this layer!



Admittedly, it took me a long time to try this tip and I have no idea why. By brushing your hair thoroughly before stepping into the shower, you are not only making your wet-brushing life easier but you’re also going to allow your shampoo and conditioner to distribute more evenly throughout your hair! Also, brushing before washing can get rid of excess grime and dirt on your hair and scalp.



Particularly tangle-prone or super thick, long locks? A light leave-in Conditioner like this one from VERB will become your new bff.


Dealing with particularly knotty hair? Check this out.



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