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The Fall Hair Color Trends You NEED to Know About…


As we transition from our sun kissed, dry, and parched summer strands to a more refined and glossy look for the fall, it’s hard to know exactly what that means for your hair color. So we consulted some of the industries experts (Rita Hazan of Rita Hazan Salon in NY and George Papanikolas and Denis De Souza of Andy Lecompte Salon in LA) for how to transition your mane this season. “Fall hair is about rich tones and more natural shades,” says Rita, “like buttery blondes auburn reds and rich chocolate browns.” Similarly, Denis states that, “when you’re transitioning from Summer to Fall you want to make your shade is a little richer in tone. You want to really condition and pay attention to getting your hair healthy and shiny.”

So how do we break that down based on hair color? Just keep reading to find out!


BLONDE Fall Hair Color Trends

“Blondes will want to transition into fall with Babylights,” says George, “which are very delicate fine highlights mixed throughout the hair. The process usually takes about an hour, and touchups are required about every three months since they are very subtle and delicately mixed in with your natural hair color. Your colorist can either use a lot of foils with very fine highlights or they can free hand paint fine Balayage highlights. However, whenever the hair is lightened, it will require more moisture. Follow up with Matrix Biolage HYDRASOURCE Mask once a week to prevent damage and retain hydration.”

“For blondes, I love applying a LumiShine gloss after a service to give a beautiful golden or champagne hue,” says Denis, “think supermodel Gigi Hadid. Multi-dimensional blondes are really key for fall.  Adding in some subtle low lights can really make a difference from summer to fall. Use Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo and Conditioner 2-3x a week to keep blonde hair brass-free.”



bronde Fall Hair Color Trends

“Slightly warm, rich, caramel highlights are the perfect compliment to fall weather,” says George. “If your hair is bleached out from the summer ask your colorist for a golden gloss to tone down and warm up your existing highlights.  If you are starting with darker hair ask for delicate Balayage highlights that frame the face and natural part. Just because we are entering fall doesn’t mean you need to go completely dark. Richening and softening your highlights gives your hair the needed movement and dimension.  Follow up with Matrix Biolage COLORLAST Shampoo & Conditioner to maintain the depth tone and shine of color treated hair.”



Red Fall Hair Color Trends

“For reds, I’m loving the Ronze look,” says Denis. “Red + Bronze, or Red + Light Brown. I like to suggest more copper tones to my clients vs. cool tones of red. Something more natural, but really shiny, glossy and healthy is hot right now. I’ve seen it all over current fall Dior, Prada and Gucci campaigns. It is also important to give Redheads some dimension so the color really moves and pops. I also like adding panels of copper, and making the ends a little lighter like a really subtle Sombre.”

“Radiant Oxblood Red,” says George. “The process is very easy if you are starting with virgin hair, or lighter hair that wants to go darker.  You can do the entire process with a single process color all over the hair.  Dark hair naturally pools red so it’s very easy for the hair to go into bold red shades. Blonde hair will require the color to go darker, which is also very easy but can face the challenge of fading color and will require more frequent glosses to keep it vibrant. The chemicals needed to do this color are not harsh so you won’t notice a change in your hair texture.  Use a product like Matrix Biolage COLORLAST Shine Shake to illuminate the color and give it exceptional shine.”


brunette fall Hair Color Trends

“For Brunettes I combine Babylights with my Sombre signature look to create something very Caramel,” says Denis. “I have created a technique using new Joico LumiShine hair color called “Caramelt”. It’s a combination of gorgeous caramel, latte, mocha colors that melt perfectly to make every brunette shine for fall… I’m obsessed with it. So obsessed in fact, I recently created this similar color technique on Padma Lakshmi for the Emmy Awards last week and it really added a pop to her naturally dark, brunette hair.”

“Dark Wood,” says George. “You can achieve the dark Hue with a single process.  If you’re covering gray, use a non-ammonia permanent color like Matrix COLOR INSIDER which gives exceptional shine and keeps hair in amazing condition. For the mid lengths and ends use a gloss like MATRIX Gloss Sync which gives exceptional shine and does not swell the cuticle. The only warning is to stay within two shades of your natural color. Any darker than two shades can look harsh and require excessive to the maintenance.”

So how do we opt for a change and maintain our new color?

“I always recommend color protecting and enhancing products for take home,” says Denis. “This fall, I’m really excited about Joico releasing a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for Brunettes and Copper Redheads. These color infusing take home products extend the life of your color and enhance your hair color in between services…simply brilliant.”

“The best way to transition is to go slowly,” says Rita. “Start with a gloss at the salon and go one shade darker. Then closer to end of October/November when your tan fades, you can go a little darker with your color; but you don’t have to go to dramatic. 1-3 shades darker is plenty of a change.”

While the weather hasn’t exactly cooled down in California, we think we might channel it with our hair color! Are you feeling ready to take the plunge for a new fall hue? Be sure to tag us (@maneaddicts) in your pics to let us know what you do!

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