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3 Things All Natural Texture Girls Need to Know

Twenty years of texture is definitely reason to celebrate. NaturallyCurly marked their two-decade milestone with a runway extravaganza featuring seven of our fave brands for textured tresses. Camille Rose Naturals, Cantu, Carol’s Daughter, Creme of Nature, Mielle Organics, SheaMoisture, and The Mane Choice all debuted fashions focused on hair. There was no shortage of creativity in the house—collections featured a NOLA jazz band, an around the world theme, afro punk queen-bee inspo, an IRL floral garden, feathers galore and girls in full animal-print body paint.

Regardless of the look, all eyes were on the hair. Bigger was better, the afro ruled and intricate braids were everything. Aside from creating these amaze works of hair art, we wanted to know how the behind the scenes stylists keep natural texture healthy and strong before and after the runway.

texture on the runway

texture on the runway

Master the Air Dry

We started with the basics—aka what to know about air-drying. “Air drying is amazing for wash and go’s but if you want to sleep and set your hair, blow it out first,” stressed Maria Antoinette – Key Hair for Cantu. Definitely don’t sleep in hair that’s been air dried as it could lead to breakage. Speaking of breakage, when detangling, do it “with ease” she explained. Easier said than done, perhaps, but all you need are the right tools. “Make sure you have a product that has slip, make sure you take your time, and work from the ends of your hair to the root,” she offered.

texture on the runway

The queen of product, Founder of Carol’s Daughter, Lisa Price, also weighed in tackling tangles. “Detangle hair while it is still dry,” she noted, as hair is more susceptible to breakage when wet.

What are Price’s must-have, key products and tools for keeping natural hair on-point? She makes sure to pack “a wide tooth-comb for easier detangling” and don’t forget a “diffuser on your blowdryer, for when you want to have that ‘wash-and-go’ look,” she says—with an emphasis on “wash and go” — we all know no one wakes up like this. If you’re looking for just one product, take a page from Price’s book. “My favorite is Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk: $10.00, it moisturizes my curls and has done so for 20 years.”

texture on the runway

Do’s and Don’ts

Our main takeaway from the show all about celebrating natural texture are these ultimate do’s and don’ts for curly haired girls. “A major do for curly hair is get your ends trimmed—regularly,” says Antoinette. “Every natural girl needs to make sure they have a great deep conditioner in their repertoire,” she adds. Her personal go-to is Cantu Quinoa Protech Color Protecting Moisture Masque: $7.20, which is a built-in protein treatment and just as effective for untreated hair.

And let’s not forget the power of hydration. “A critical do is to always make sure to moisturize; you can never get enough moisture,” says Price, who’s major don’t for textured hair is to avoid “anything that creates friction. Be gentle with it.”

texture on the runway

Guests walked away with brand-new prods from all seven of the hair sponsors, ready to rock their curls way beyond NYFW – because Texture on the Runway = texture everyday.

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