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NEED TO KNOW: Rainbow Roots

We’ve been into “rooted” color for a while now. It all started with contrasted ombre’s and balayage to create a low maintenance look, but with every natural color technique, a not so natural vibrant version isn’t far behind.

Rainbow Roots Bleach London

Trendsetter Lottie Tomlinson teamed up with Bleach London colorist Alex Brownsell to create the newest fashion color technique, Rainbow Roots. Bleach London is the ultimate rainbow colored hair destination, a London salon that dishes out bright hues daily.

Rainbow Roots Bleach London

Lottie debuted her rainbow roots mid process on her Instagram yesterday, showing off pinks, purples, reds and blues against her white blonde locks. Unlike most dropped root techniques that require melting or blending the color into the ends, this root color is a statement piece on it’s own.

Rainbow Roots Bleach London

By creating bright and bold color blocks onto her roots, Brownsell made this look exceptionally unique.    

Rainbow Roots Bleach London                   

In the salon where so much time and effort is spent on blending color, we love to see Bleach London breaking the rules and creating their own style.

Who knows, Rainbow Roots may be the beginning of a new wave of color blocking!

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