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NEED TO KNOW: Shaving Your Mane

Shaved Side

The partially shaved mane is one of the boldest hairstyles to trend this year. Natalie Dormer, Rosario Dawson, and other noteworthy celebs have made the leap… Will you? Before you answer that question, we outlined a few tips for you to consider: 


First thing’s first – when you make a change to your mane, you should understand the reason why you’re doing it. Is it for style purposes or for functional purposes? This will determine where you make your move – over the ear or nape of the neck. 


Everyone’s head shape is different. Avoid shaving over any irregularities such as moles, dents, or bumps. If you want a more feminine look, ask for curved lines. If you want a more androgynous look, ask for straight lines and hard angles. And no matter which route you go, never shave above the arch of your brow! 


Shaving your mane is similar to getting bangs. It requires some maintenance. The realistic expectation you should have for yourself is getting trimmed every 2-3 weeks. The safety net for starters: don’t go shorter than 1” and don’t go higher than 2”, especially the first time. Similar to coloring your hair, it can take some getting used to, but also, be fully committed! 

Shaved Side

So what do you think? Is this a hair trend you’d be daring to try?

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