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HOW-TO: Nell Diamond’s Knotted Rope Braid by Ashley Rubell

Nell Diamond Braided Mowhaek Braid

Vogue’s latest It Girl Nell Diamond recently celebrated the launch of her luxury lifestyle brand Hill House Home. Her celebratory dinner at The Standard High Line in NYC included the company of Prabal Gurung, Mia Moretti, Derek Blasberg, and Bee Shaffer. Nell embodies flawless taste and sophistication, which can be seen in the Hill House bedding collection, but also in the Prabal Gurung suit she wore for the launch.

Her go-to beauty look is usually a cat-eye and high ponytail, but we knew we had to take it up a notch while still staying suited to her timeless taste. Makeup Artist Dana Rae did a silver cat eye liner with soft, fluffy lashes to give a special touch of celebratory glow to her porcelain skin. As for her hair style, I wanted to create something soft and feminine to match, but also an edgier take on the average pony. 

Ashley Rubell Nell Diamond

I used Nell’s natural waves to keep the look soft and feminine, not overworked and we incorporated knots and rope braids to add some texture and movement to her ponytail.

Nell Diamond Braided Mowhaek Braid


  1. Spray Bed Head by Tigi’s Queen for a Day at the roots in front of the hairline and in the crown section and blow dry into the hair, using your fingers to enhance volume and movement.  This product helps give natural texture some lift and gives clean strands some grit. 
  2. Loosely pull the hair back away from the face using your fingers and secure with hair pins. Make sure you use hair pins starting in the same direction of the hair and then flip it around the opposite direction to secure it’s hold and leave no sign of pins showing. 
  3. Taking loose 2” horizontal sections, tie hair into a knot and secure with a long matte bobby pin. You can use hair pins to secure for finer hair. Continue to take sections from each side, and add it to the lose ends of each knot, in french braid fashion. 
  4. When you get to the nape section, apply some of Redken’s Braid Aid styling lotion to the remaining strands and create two rope braids on each side. Use those two braids to create a final rope braid down the center. The messier, the better. So if a few pieces stick out as you twist, let them! It adds to the softness of the look.
  5. Secure ends with a Blax elastic that matches your hair color. If you want, take a small thin strand to wrap around the elastic and spray with hairspray to hold. Finish your look off with a flexible hold hair spray, like R+Co’s Outer Space, and distribute any additional hair pins or bobby pins as needed.  Voila! 


What do you think of Nell’s braided style?! Sound off in the comments below!

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