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7 New Black-Owned Hair Brands to Shop This February and Beyond

Black History Month is every month so we’re putting these Black-owned brands on your radar so you can support them year-round. From an innovative hair cap to hair wraps made with Ghanian prints, you can’t go wrong with these fresh finds—especially because it’s always a great time to buy Black. Scroll below to discover some of our favorite new Black-owned hair brands to shop this February and beyond!


WoBusu carries limited-edition hair accessories that will elevate any look. We especially love the brand’s hairdoo-rag collection, which is satin-lined, and its standout scrunchies. CEO and Founder Adwoa Adusei created the line as a “conceptual grounding for African Diasporic expression.” The brand’s name translates to “a made up word for family.” WoBusu is all about feeling at home, showing support, and celebrating great style.


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Sassy Hair Cap

CEO and Founder Bianca Rush loved wearing extensions and needed a satin cap option that would hold them. Satin caps were typically for shorter hair, so she created this line to do exactly that. The silk bonnet can be adjusted to fit all hair lengths and styles, making it the first of its kind to do so.


Thank goodness for Naturalicious. The organic, all-natural Black-owned hair brand was created to take the frustration out of haircare. And, it does just that, especially for curly girls. Founder and CEO Gwen Jimmere is the first African American woman to own a patent for natural hair products. Naturalicious was started after Jimmere lost her job while going through a divorce with a young child. Aside from being inspirational, the products are just what the hair doctor ordered.

Bomba Curls

Bomba Curls was created by Lulu Cordero, an Afro-Latina who is sharing her Dominican beauty secrets for full, beautiful hair. Bomba Curls uses high-quality and organic super ingredients so you can achieve maximum lengths and bodacious curls.


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Sunday II Sunday

Sunday II Sunday aims to fill a void in the haircare space, bridging the gap between those with textured hair and working out. Founder Keenan Beasley created the line to support women with an active lifestyle. “I didn’t want them to feel like they had to go to a salon, sit still, and avoid sweat at all cost to feel beautiful. In fact, they are even more beautiful because of how they live. I wanted to highlight that,” he says. These products are the best for removing sweat, buildup, and environmental damages that take place between washes.


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Covet & Mane

Founded by Dafina Smith, Covet & Mane helps women add volume with luxury hand-tied hair extensions (including innovative new textured extensions). Smith grew up in the beauty supply business (her family founded the iconic Sunny’s Hair & Wigs). She says a trip to the beauty supply store is often one of a Black woman’s first and most demoralizing experiences. So, she is committed to changing that by advancing social justice and making Black women feel beautiful.

Oui the People

Karen Young turned the shaving industry upside down when she launched the world’s first single-edge safety razor designed spedifically for women. The brand was created out of a lack of shaving options geared toward women, and as a way for Karen to put an end to her razor burn and ingrown hairs. She is committed to challenging beauty standards and encourages embracing our complexities and strengths.


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