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5 Things to Look for in a Hair Salon When You Move to a New City

Friends, a doctor, and… a hair salon. Yep, these are the most crucial must-finds when you move to a new city.

So, when it comes to the latter, just what should you look out for? Chances are, you were going to the same one from where you used to live for so many years that you don’t even remember what drew you to it. Keep reading for five things to look for in a hair salon when you move to a new city!

1. Aesthetic

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to where you get your hair done, the aesthetic of the salon plays an integral role in your experience. Sure, the quality of the cut or color is crucial, but it’s really only half the battle. Depending on the circumstance, your hair could take hours. Do you want to sit in a boring room, staring at bare walls? Probably not. And lest we forget the post-‘do photo opp! You obviously want a pretty background. Ultimately, above all else, a beautiful salon, in most cases, says plenty about the quality of its staff.

2. Active Instagram Account

If it ain’t on the ‘gram, does it even exist? Nowadays, a company’s Instagram really sums up in a glance everything you need to know about the brand. If photos are dated or pixelated (or there’s no IG altogether!), that’s a pretty solid indication of the salon’s quality. Whereas, if you see a regularly updated feed full of sleek shots and cutting-edge hairstyles, it shows the salon is with the times.

3. Variety in Strengths

While your hair may require one specific area of expertise, you really want to look for a salon that specializes in many things. It shows they’re able to attract a wide variety of professionals and can bring plenty to the table should you choose to venture into a new hair color or style.

4. Strong Recommendations

Well, this goes without saying, but you should obviously seek out recommendations before committing to a salon. If you don’t have any friends in the area who can refer you, do your research. And hey, don’t be afraid to approach the girl you see walking down the street with your dream locks. If you need to consult with multiple salons and hairstylists before making your decision, so be it.

5. Amenities

Going back to No. 1, the haircut or color itself is only half the whole salon experience. You’re there for a long time, and you’re shelling out a ton of money—you deserve to be treated like royalty. Look for a place that serves champagne, coffee, and tea during your service, as well as somewhere with a slew of reading options. Sorry, Reader’s Digest won’t do.

Speaking of hair salons, perhaps you’ll want to try one of THESE shades of green next time you get your hair done!

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