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Stop Everything–There Are Two New Dyson Attachments Perfect For Curls

Just like with hair products, the same hot tools won’t necessarily work on a girl with 1A as a girl with 4C hair. Dyson Supersonic isn’t sugarcoating this or making claims that a product is universal, instead the brand just launched Supersonic attachments made specifically for girls with coily curls. To make sure their blow dryer line tackles all hair types, the brand unveiled their Gentle Air Dryer and Wide-tooth Comb attachments, with Celebrity Stylist, Jawara sharing his personal tips and tricks for use.

(Image via Dyson)

The Gentle Air Dryer is engineered to allow air to circulate around the hair (not concentrate it in one spot) for a less damaging rough-dry. The attachment is particularly suited for anyone with color or concerned about direct heat styling.

Dyson Natural Hair Attachments

(Image via Dyson)

For more concentrated styling, the wide-tooth comb attachment allows heat to flow directly out of the comb for even, pain-free drying—think of it like an afro pick that won’t burn you, thanks to the rounded tips.


The attachments can be used to either straighten or enhance the curl, and create a larger than life blowout. To create a twist and set with the Gentle Dryer, Jawara starts with really wet hair, parting out his sections and then slowly and lightly brushing the hair out with a paddle brush. “I would use a little bit of oil or curl crème, twist the hair while twisting the product in—I twist while I’m twisting which creates a small rope, put the gentle dryer attachment on it and put it right on there for 3-4 minutes,” he continues. All it takes is just 8 sections and you’re done. “The gentle dry is great for fragile hair and the best way to prevent going outside with wet hair—all you need is 5-10 minutes,” he adds. While a rough dry won’t totally straighten the hair, it will gently diffuse it in a very calm way, while the rest is able to air dry.


“You’d never think to use the gentle dry on 4C hair, but a lot of women with 4C hair don’t want to put a lot of heat, so the gentle dry is a good answer to that,” Jawara continues. Although you’re under less direct heat than a diffuser, the Gentle Dry allows for a twist set in just 30 minutes, instead of having to sit under the dryer for 2 hours—or literally overnight.


For those looking to straighten their hair out, Jawara starts with a heat protectant, oil before parting the hair in sections. He recommends taking a 2×2 square section of hair and brushing it out with a paddle brush, before going in with the Wide-tooth Comb attachment, starting from the root to the tip. “I would do 8-10 passes per section depending on the type of the hair.” If you’re looking for the straighter look, this is for you. “I think the person would be thrilled at how much they would see the hair stretch,” he shares.


After using it on both Solange and on the Off-White show, the attachments have proved their worth. “I think it’s going to change the conversation on a product that can work for everyone, we’ve never had one tool to do that,” Jawara says.

And while we’re talking about blow dryers, HERE are some ways to use them that don’t even involve hair. 

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