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The Supercool New Hair Accessory Line We’re Crushing Hard On

preview wear hair accessories cool girl hair cara craig suite caroline ponytail goals messy ponytail low ponytail

What happens when you put a jeweler, an interior designer, an architect, and a hair colorist in the same room? Preview Wear, a new line of supercool hair jewelry we have the inside scoop on. 

Collaboratively curated by Victoria Bott, Cara Craig, Ben Duarte and Veronica Duarte, Preview Wear caters to the modern-day girl who’s only high-maintenance about her low-maintenance routine. She wants to look good without trying too hard. She’ll likely roll out of bed and toss her hair up in that perfectly undone way that still manages to look put together without being sloppy—a true art form. 

preview wear hair accessories

“All of us are avid consumers of beautiful things,” says Cara Craig, co-founder and colorist at NY’s Suite Caroline Salon, of her co-conspirators. “We wanted to make something for the girl who pays attention to and appreciates the details of design, and wants to look good without spending the time or the money to do so.” 

Preview Wear is the product of these four creative minds who meet weekly in hopes of churning out pieces reflective of a fusion of ideas, hence the line’s inception. “We just wanted to play and experiment, so we each brought something to the table each week sort of effortlessly—materials, sketches, ideas—things that we just had lying around. Each of us has a primary job that we love and are already invested in. This opportunity to overlap our levels of expertise just organically took shape. Every few weeks one of us would check in and say ‘Is everyone cool with this? Ok, let’s keep going,'” Craig tells us.

gold barrette preview wear hair accessories it girl cool girl accessories

The line’s first collection includes three designs, with more in the works. Following suit to how they started: “We want to do whatever feels right,” explains Craig, adding, “Putting ourselves on an apparel timeline and pushing things out ‘just because’ isn’t the best fit for what we’re trying to do. But we definitely want to grow and keep creating!” While deets regarding the line’s future collections are TBD, we’re more than satisfied with the sick bells and whistles for our strands from its first.

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