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Looking Ahead – Try These 5 Looks for Fall

Fall hair 2016 styles

As summer draws to a close (crying emoji), it’s time to look ahead to fall, a whole new season of jaw-dropping #manemoments. We can’t wait to get inspired by the street style at NYFW but for now, here’s 5 looks you should consider as you transition (however reluctantly) into fall. 


Curls Hair Natural

Did you see the Fendi Fall 2016 Couture Show? Curls are IN.  If you’re born with curls, (lucky you!) now’s your time to shine. A curl specific shampoo and conditioner, like something from curly-girl favorite Deva Curl, and a good finishing creme will carry you through September with ease. Everyone else? Read this & invest in a high-volume hairspray.


bangs, hair, fall , new

Did you see Ariana Grande’s thick, full front bangs? Always a tempting option, bangs are an easy way to make a big change. They also play VERY nicely with a growing lob, just sayin.


Hair Blonde Platinum Fall

Platinum is the ultimate statement. Although blonde may seem summery, a more ‘solid’ color (as opposed to sun-kissed highlights) screams fall fashion. As your tan fades and the color black creeps back into your wardrobe, platinum hair will keep things interesting.


Ponytail, Busy, Work Hard, Hair , Chic

Fall is a busy time for all, whether your heading back to school or just ramping up at work, it’s the time of year to get organized and get down to business. Nothing say hard-working-girl more than an easy ponytail, but texture and a center-part keeps the look super chic. Just ask Jen Atkin, she slays this style.


Wet hair texture hair Lob fall

We just did a post with The Covateur about wearing the wet hair look in public but this version of ‘wet’ hair is much more subdued. This is more like, half-dry, as opposed to sleek and wet. I love this look for fall because it still has the texture that everyone wants but with a little more thought put into it. Steal your bf’s Pomade and get to work. You can highlight a great cut this way, too!

What are you looking forward to most about fall? Comment below.

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