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6 New Year Hair Resolutions All Curly Girls Should Consider

Curly girls, we spend way too much time fighting our natural texture. What if 2022 became the year we changed all that? The year we throw our flat irons and caution to the wind (metaphorically of course because hot tools ain’t cheap). Make it a new year, new hair vibe in the sense that your resolutions create an environment for your natural texture to truly thrive. 

It’s time to fully embrace the magic of the coil and go into this year with a fresh perspective. If you’re ready to find out what your natural curls are really capable of, read on for a few new year hair resolutions all curly girls should consider.

1. Use less heat.

I know you’ve heard this about 1,000 times by now, but, using less heat really will save your curl pattern. Take it from someone who flat ironed religiously for years, it changes your locks. Overusing heat can cause your strands to look permanently frizzy and broken AF. As I’ve learned to slowly step away from the hot tools, I’ve witnessed the incredible rebirth of strong, healthy hair. What a concept!

2. Deepen your knowledge of curls and what particular type of pattern yours are.

It was only recently that I decided to look more deeply into the types of products that really work for certain types of curly hair. Many claim to have the right product formulation, but even then my hair sometimes ends up lacking moisture or is overly greasy, there is no in-between. When I decided to study my curls and research what pattern they are, it was a game-changer. Learning your curl type and pattern is super useful when shopping for products that will most serve your mane’s needs. For example, if a product is formulated specifically for 3A to 4C curls, you’d know it will probably be your best bet.

3. Try switching to co-washing permanently. 

Now, I understand this may not be completely realistic for those with thicker manes, but for those that would like to give it a go, why not? Co-washing is a great way to provide your coils with the extra hydration they crave without stripping the scalp of its natural oils. Harsh detergents in some shampoos can cause dryness and that is not conducive to perfectly coiffed and styled curls.

4. Embrace your natural frizz.

Let’s normalize frizzy and unruly hair, shall we? Although I love looking at pointedly-styled, smooth ringlets, that’s not exactly what the average curly girl experiences. As someone who has struggled with frizz and dryness quite a bit, I’ve finally learned to embrace my natural unruliness. Let’s work with our strands, instead of fighting an uphill battle against them. Besides, I think it looks even cooler to have a little bit of a disheveled look, no?

5. Try out new deep conditioning treatments.

I can’t stress this enough, anyone with curls should have a solid deep conditioner tacked onto their routine weekly. Although I loved a good tried and true mask, switch it up this year and try a new treatment. You never know where it could lead. Ideally, it would be strong luscious locks, though. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the Algae Renew Deep Conditioner from Camille Rose.

6. Try a new cut.

Yes, new cuts are risky when you have curls, but that’s half the fun, isn’t it? If you’re feeling it, go for a shorter chop or some layers. Layers work wonders for curls, especially if you have thick hair. A few layers will keep strands from getting overly matted or tangled, a key refreshment we could all use in 2022.

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