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NEED TO KNOW: How to Nail Your New Year’s Eve Look

The countdown to New Year’s Eve starts now! How will your hair look when the ball drops? Prepping for the final (and first) holiday of the year can be a bit overwhelming (with celebration plans, outfit choices, resolutions, and all.)  Deciding on what to do with your hair can be quite a hassle. We all want to achieve that “New Year’s Eve look” — the sparkly, fancy, sassy hairstyle. NYE hairdo ideas are pretty endless, but it’s not about what you do with your hair, it’s more about how you do it.  Whether you rock you mane in an updo or gorgeous curls,  we’ve got you covered on how to perfectly nail “The New Year’s Look.”


Hair Glitter

The ball isn’t the only one shining bright. New Year’s Eve is all about the glitz and glamour! Add some sparkle to your mane with hair tattoos, glitter, beads, or tinsel.


Hair Crown Dolce and Gabbana

When you can’t decide on a hairdo, just accessorize. Adorn your mane with fancy crowns, hair jewelry, or any other beautiful ornament. This is a fun and easy way to stand out in the crowd!


natural curls

No matter the style you go for this New Year’s Eve, make sure your look is party proof! One should never sacrifice killer dance moves for a tamed hairdo — one must seriously get her groove on and look fab while doing it. Messy updos, voluminously wild curls, braids, short haircuts, and loose waves are low-maintenance looks that won’t interfere with your fun!


Bobby Pin Art

Get your party on girl! But be sure to have a first aid kit for your mane on hand. Pins, clips, and travel-size hairspray will help you maintain your look well into the New Year!


volume vs sleek

When it comes to NYE hairstyles, you gotta go big or go home. If you are donning a sleek look, make sure your sleek is on fleek (writer’s note: hopefully that word will go out with ‘15, amirite?). Exaggerate your super straight hairdo with a slick of gold or silver sparkle or some high sheen gloss.  Now if you are going to go big…go HUGE! Don’t shy away for big voluminous curls, afro, or waves this New Year’s Eve.

Let us know how you’re planning on ringing in the New Year in the comments below!

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