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How to Snag New Year’s Eve Worthy Voluminous Hair

If what you look like when you ring in the new year has any indication of the year ahead, we hope you’re looking fab. That’s why we’re breaking down some serious New Year’s worthy hair styles to make sure your mane game is armed and ready. To achieve this voluminous style, you’ll need to prepare yourself with a few things.





  1. Prep damp hair with sea salt spray before blowdrying, then use a ceramic round brush to blowdry the top portion of the hair smooth and a Mason Pearson brush to blowdry the ends fluffy.
  2. Begin wrapping 1 inch sections at the nape of the neck in a figure 8 pattern around the double prong iron, working your way up the head.
  3. When you get to the top of the head, start wrapping the hair a few inches down the hair shaft so that the roots stay smooth.
  4. When the entire head is curled, use your Mason Pearson brush misted with hairspray to gently brush through each section in the same order that you curled it. If needed, use pomade mousse on each section to build more texture, or smoothing serum to  control frizz.
  5. When the entire head is brushed out, use your flat iron to run through any kinky ends and to define any curls, especially the ones around the face.
  6. Use smoothing serum to control any frizz near the top of the head and to add shine around the front.
  7. Mist with hairspray, place your headpiece, and get ready to be the belle of the ball!




Hot Tools Double Prong Iron

This unique tools provides funky texture in hair. Use in a figure 8 pattern to create kinky curls or wrap hair around both barrels for for of an S pattern, Veronica Lake inspired wave.

R + Co Pomade Mousse

Perfect for creating definition and texture in the hair. The mousse consistency makes it easy to use.

Nasty Gal Goldy Locks Headband


Just the New Year’s bling you were looking for…

2 minutes

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