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NEW YORK: Salon Ruggeri

Salon Ruggeri is one of those special places I never knew existed. I’m always hearing about the bigger name salons here in New York, like Sally Hershberger, Marie Robinson, Frederick Fekkai, Serge Normant, or Oscar Blandi. While Ruggeri may not be a standout name, this salon gives you an experience that will surely stand above the rest. 


Located in the middle of New York’s Flat Iron District lies this quaint nook with its beautifully articulated, calming atmosphere. Ruggeri is a destination for the art lover—someone who truly appreciates design and considers hair dressing a form of art and luxury. It’s not the place where you hear all the gossip of the tabloids, or the drama between salon staff, which truly makes it a rare find in the salon world. Salon Ruggeri is part hair salon, part art gallery, and part dream home. 


The collaboration of its two owners Greg Ruggeri and Craig Longhurst is one of the best partnerships to have manifested. While Ruggeri was growing up practicing the art of hairdressing in Sydney, Longhurst was studying Interior Design and Architecture in Melbourne. Together, they’re a natural fit for designing one of the most comfortable salon spaces. With such complementary skill sets and a joint taste of rich sophistication, Craig and Greg crafted an oasis here in Manhattan.

Fortunately for us, the duo made accessible a whole new level by enabling their customers to purchase whatever it is they love most about their experience—from the hair products to the salon’s art work to the scents of Fornasetti candles and perfume from Eight & Bob. On display is even a gallery of jewelry and accessories for sale. But the best part? You can even purchase the furniture itself seen around the salon! Mind, blown! Salon Ruggeri literally encourages the client to take their best experiences home with them. Talk about a unique salon, AMIRITE?! 


Salon Ruggeri’s aesthetic isn’t just in the physical space itself but in what the space carries. The luxury offered in the atmosphere extends itself to your hair and coats your strands with top tier brands, including Christophe Robin, La Biosthetique, and Evo. “As a salon, we cater to all salon services, but we specialize in blonde highlights,” explains stylist Michelle Garwood. “I like to use La Biosthetique’s detangling spa spray because it instantly smoothes and softens the hair, leaving it with this radiant shine. At the basin, Christophe Robin makes my favorite conditioning treatments and antioxidant cleansing milk shampoo. It is full of vitamins and omega 3 and 6 so it keeps highlights fresh from oxidizing with the free radicals that exist in our daily lives. It foams like you wouldn’t believe considering it’s a sulfate-free product!”

“If you want to play around with the tones of your blonde, EVO’s toning conditioner, Fabulous Pro, is where you want to invest your money. The conditioners are made in the salon to target the shade you want to achieve,” says Garwood. 


Being a hair stylist myself, it surprisingly isn’t easy to find someone to cut my hair. And as a freelance stylist, let’s just say–there’s a reason why I choose not to go into the salon. It’s usually just not an environment where I prefer to spend my time on my days off. And I, too, can and have had a traumatic hair experience, but it’s even worse because I have to work with the people who cut it all the time. All that being said, after cutting my own hair for a while following my scarred hair story, I knew I needed to reshape my hair to grow it out, which meant I needed help. So I turned to my friend Michelle, one of the five stylists residing at Ruggeri. She and I have worked numerous shows together at NYFW and have become great friends. She was someone I knew I could trust and be completely honest with, without shame. She gave me some subtle, long layers, and removed just enough weight out of my ends to avoid my thick mane from feeling too heavy at the bottom. Now, I can finally rest assured knowing where my hair loyalties lie—Salon Ruggeri. I may even have to get some of those blonde highlights they specialize in. Oh, and those cute sunglasses I noticed in the accessories gallery wouldn’t hurt either. 


Thank you Michelle and Salon Ruggeri for having me! I’ll be back soon. 

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