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NEW YORK: Hairstory Studio

hairstory studio

You probably know Michael Gordon as the visionary founder of Bumble and Bumble, but after leaving the company in 2012, you may not have known that he has been discretely behind yet another innovative endeavor- Hairstory Studio.

hairstory studio

This unique salon is not for the quick trim or basic root touch up. Located inside Michael Gordon’s home, Hairstory is a private, invitation only space with only 3 chairs. Clients must have been given a salon business card by an existing client- each of whom are only given one card to distribute. Clients are then put in the hands of the Hairstory team, which includes hair visionaries Wes Sharpton, Roxie Darling, and Tony Kelley, where they are transformed into the vision that represents their brand (which by the way, was compared to Andy Warhol’s Factory). Other ‘models’ for the salon’s many editorials are handpicked on the street or recruited from personal networks.

hair story color

If you aren’t lucky enough to be handed one of the few Hairstory cards, you can still request an appointment or to be a model at the [email protected] and [email protected].

hairstory coloring

So who else frequents Hairstory salon? Apparently French hair legend Didier Malige “has been known, on occasion, to take one of the three chairs.”

Excuse us, while we email for an appointment.

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