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Your New Year’s Eve Clutch Check List

As New Year Eve approaches we like to focus on a major item that can make or break your party flow; your clutch. While you might think we’re talking about it’s fashion esthetic, we’re aiming more for whats inside. So we’ve pulled together 6 “stay chic” hair items, for this stylish celebration.

1. Rita Hazan Root Spray

For a pre-party styling aid, magic root cover-up (and more!) this is the go-to for A-listers and everyone in-between.  The “It” product for finishing every last detail for picture perfect photos.


2. Hair Bling 

We know you’re already Queen of the dance floor, so setting up that status means having a crown to match.  Halo Headpieces are great because they fit easily into a clutch without taking up bulky space.  Great for switching up your style halfway through the night.


Lelet NYC

Jennifer Behr (Pictured above)

Forever 21

Luv AJ


3.  Alfa Parf Semi Di Lino Illuminating Shine Lotion

“A New Dimension In Lumonosity An Exclusive Combination Of The Unique Shine Of Linseed Extract With The Luxurious Sparkle Of Diamonds”

…They had us at sparkling diiiaamonds!  This leave-in treatment leaves the hair instantly restored and insanely shiny.


4. Lulu Organics Hair Powder

We know you you’re planning a no-going-home New Years bender, which means you need fresh hair via no washing.  Lulu Organics makes the perfect pocket sized hair powder that comes intoxicatingly scented in Lavender-Clary Sage and Jasmine.

Conclusion: You’re cuddle buddy will thank us for your champagne soaked tresses turned floral freshness AND your walk of shame hair will full and fab.


5. Hair Bungee

No if, ands, or buts, bungees are a necessity when it comes to long-haul celebrations; and lets face it nothing is ever as classic as a ponytail.

Tip: If you need last minute emergency help in the bathroom, take a walk down memory lane and check out one of our first posts ever… The Messy Ponytail.


6. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray (travel size)

Are you sick of us talking about how much we love this product? CUZ WE $%^&*@# LOVE IT!! The travel size is a dream come true for on the go styling and plays a key part in keeping your mane undone, yet managed, and always glam.


7. Custom Order Leather Mesa Bag: by Hide & Seek Agency 




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